Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

If you like bright hues, humour and all things fashion and feminism, Leandra (Medine) Cohen is your woman. Founder of online powerhouse, Man Repeller, follow the magazine’s account for #armparties and statement shoes. Alternatively, you can do what I do and stalk her from all angles by following her personal account, too. Be prepared for some serious career, style and general life envy.


Northern lass with a penchant for a statement blouse, I want to steal the clothes from inside her home and wear them upon my back forevermore. It’s no surprise her style is to die for, she’s worked for some seriously big names in the business – Henry Holland being one of them. Rarely wearing black, follow her for a little colour and star print inspiration.


VOGUE contributing fashion editor and freelance stylist who has worked with some of the best photographers and models in the industry. Super posh, super stylish, she nails that messy but cool British female vibe and I can’t get enough of her. Loves a charity shop find and Throwback Thursday as much as the next person.


I always wanted a sister, so perhaps that’s where my obsession with these ladies stems from? Or perhaps it’s their ability to look effortlessly cool at all times? Either way, their account is for those who enjoy a more monochromatic colour palette. Fans of sliders, culottes and a good Breton stripe, follow for a dose of LA life.


Oversharing is most definitely caring in my world and this chick hasn’t got a problem with that. A professional Instastorier, if that’s even a thing, she shares real-life traumas – from thrush related gripes to her current love interests and dating faux pas. Her feed has me crying with laughter and I look forward to catching up on her day of an evening – social media is weird, right? Follow her if you want to live The Hun Life.

Of course, if you also want to follow me on Instagram, that’s totally fine too. I tend to post about clothes I shouldn’t have bought and my bearded boyfriend walking in strange places, alongside extra long captions nobody reads. If you know anyone I should be following, let me know. I love a good scroll.


The past couple of years have seen the Internet come alive with mental health posts, tweets and shares, which I not only think is great, but also oh so necessary in an ever changing and fast paced world.

More so than ever before, we are being honest and open and are willing to share in order to guide and make one another feel less alone, as well as ease our own pain. Each account I’ve read or video I’ve watched has touched me in some way, sure, but none more than this snippet from Megan of Wonderful You. You can hear the crack in her voice left behind by the heavy hands of depression and can see in her eyes and face that she is struggling. She’s not in tears, nor is she in the throes of the dark place she talks about, but she is in the immediate fall out from it – that weird place of nothingness and not feeling like you anymore.

It is not only the most honest and raw post I’ve seen, it’s also the most useful and accurate description of what it truly feels like to suffer.

I hope sharing this soothes at least one of you, because god knows, we could all use a little help sometimes.

Read Megan’s blog


I vowed to post every day throughout lent.

Throughout April.

The busiest month of 2017.

So it has come as no surprise, then – between heading back to London every five minutes, jetting off to Paris and spending the bank holiday weekend up north, all the while tending to my 9-5, celebrating a birthday and generally adulting – that it didn’t happen and I failed to post every day, for forty days.

I’ve decided to convince myself that 99% of you didn’t stick to not eating chocolate, crisps, carbs or remain T-total anyway, just to cope with my own inability to commit. But anyway, blogging every day is a full-time job, no matter what they say. And also, quite simply, shit happens. Or in this case, didn’t happen.

One good thing that did come out of trying (and failing) to post every day for forty days was that I was finding it difficult to think of topics in the same vein I have been posting in for years, which in turn made me realise I wanted to change what The London Ladybird is all about. This also comes as no surprise seeing as I started this blog when I was 22 and, six years on, I am nothing like I was back then.

So, just a heads up: although I am going to continue to blog about career, love and all things feminism, I want to try and incorporate a little more style, tech and travel pieces into this space, with a little sex and relationships thrown in, too. Just so the space grows with me, you know? After all, I am 28, iron my bed sheets and own house plants now…

What do you think about this change? If there are any topics you would like me to touch on, do let me know.

Until then, keep your chin up, it’s almost Friday.

Sort of.