After a big, fat gap in Sunday Papers posts of late, I thought I would start them back up again. However, the sun is shining and most of you are probably tucking into brunch, sipping on cocktails with friends, or baking in the midday sun, and probably won’t be interested in scrolling through online articles at this moment in time. However, once you’re home and have enjoyed a cold shower, moisturised those shoulders and fixed yourself up a little light, summertime supper, why not tuck into these reads from the last 7 days? Sometimes it’s good to reflect.

In Memory of Jo Cox

Is it Always Painful to Be Dumped?

Pay Back Your Student Loan (Lol)

How Britain Fails Migrants

Daddy Issues

Why Do People Cheat?

Is the Tradition of Marriage a Little Out of Date?

Labour Must Keep Fighting

Why the Love Island Feminist Debate Was So Important

Being Popular

Justice for Grenfell

Do We Need a Plan?

The Dating Time Continuum

The Joy of Being Unhealthy

Have a fantastic week!



My favourite reads from the last seven days, delivered to you a little later than usual, from under a duvet.

Sanitary Towels

Dating Through Time

Women of the World Festival

Be Happy, The Vice Way

LGBT Immigrants

Distracted by Errthang

Ethical Millenials

Black or White?

A Haircut to Cure Depression

Are Girl Bosses Shit?

Legalising Drugs

Being an Adult VS. Growing Up

IRL Issues

Channel Marion

Not Having Sex

Have a good week.




Sundays were made for lazing around. Always in comfy clothes. Always with friends. Always with lots of red wine.

Here’s some reads to cosy up with to banish those Sunday blues…

Maternal Career Women

Big Boob Solutions


Sex Stories

All of Your Flaws

Spring Shirting

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Dating a Man Child?

Secret Tinder


Your Boyfriend’s Mum

Some From Me

The Listening

The Tights

The Clobber

Short and sweet, have a good week!