Woohoo! My first Sunday Papers post of the year, which means it’s a meaty one.

Already, 2018 has thrown sexual harassment, racial prejudice and an unhealthy dose of Donald Trump acting a complete twat into the limelight, so I’ve tried to keep this semi-light hearted, for all our sakes.

Grab a cup of tea and dive back under your duvet for this week’s Sunday Papers.

The Taboo of Cheating

Breadcrumbing Friends

How to Have a Healthier Relationship with your Phone

How to be a Better Person

What Living in New York is Like

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Why I decided to Quit Instagram

We’re not Adults Until We’re 25

Fucking, Shock. Natural Cycles is a Pile of Crap

How to Shake the January Blues (for those still struggling)

The Effect of Pregnancy on our Mental Health

Why People with Mullets Have Mullets

Style Advice From the Experts

Are Open Plan Offices Ruining Our Lives?

4 Unexpected Realities of Getting Your Finances Together

Micro-Cheating and Technology

In-Between Dating: A Crucial Part of Any Break-Up

Taking an Adult Gap Year

Best Signs From the Women’s March 2018

So, there we have it. January so far.

If you know of any online magazines or blogs I should be reading, please let me know about them.

Otherwise, have a great week. You’re gonna smash it.