The Nest

I’ve always been a little obsessed with birds. Bird jewellery, bird feathers, drawing birds, humming birds and pulling birds (I’m kidding). And to my amusement, a flock of blue tits have decided to set up home in my disgruntled housemate’s bedroom wall. This got me thinking about the fact that, like these blue tits, we all move home all the time, without really realising it.

When I flew the nest and set off for university I really didn’t see it as anything more than another post gap year adventure. I thought I would leave home for a couple of years, party hard, study a little, come home and get a job. This was not the case. Instead, it made me aware of where I came from and where I was going, not in terms of a career but of where I’d be setting up home.

Before thinking about university I had no idea that I was a ‘Londoner’ and didn’t really think that anybody lived anywhere else. Silly really. However, more so than any time I’ve spent abroad, my time spent at Exeter has made me realise how much I do love home. At school I could not wait to fly the nest, but once I did, I couldn’t wait to peck my way back in. University has been fun but I think the problem that I’ve had with Exeter is that I now have two nests. Physically, I could move from place to place but my thoughts remained firmly in West London. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how free spirited I think I am, the safety of a bird cage really isn’t so bad. I think I like to have all my eggs in one basket rather than go on a constant hunt for them if you know what I mean.

I’d hate to sound entirely pessimistic about having two places to live though because for some it works. And although I’ll be permanently based in the capital within a matter of weeks, I’d still like to keep the option open to fly south (west) for the winter.

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