The One Night Only

When it comes to describing a one night stand, I think ‘glamorous’ is highly innapropriate. Instead of being a night of passion, fireworks and great sex, the one night stand normally culminates in scattered condom wrappers, drunken failed attempts and a very public walk of shame. Sound familiar? I think to most students across the country this will most definitely be etched somewhere in your memory of university.

Perhaps post-education one night stands ooze sophistication? I just find it impossible to imagine…

For instance, there’s the night where you and a very good friend get rather intoxicated on Tia Maria, end up kissing and then think that because ‘you get along so well’ you might as well have sex. Wrong. This is very rarely a good idea. Although it may never be spoken about again and it might not be awkward, you will forever be able to picture them butt naked- and that changes a person! Then there’s the one night with an ex. Although it is normally phenomenal considering you probably know each other’s hot spots, once again don’t bother. It will always mess with your head (unless you are made of steel, in which case, crack on). And then when it comes to having sex with a total random then I would probably say just don’t do it. Not because I’m prudish but because I have heard some serious horror stories. I’m talking nose bleeds, burglar AND fire alarms, mistaken mementos, fainting mid cohort and … well, a “mix up” with twins. And holes.

From this, I have deduced that the one night stand with someone you know holds a much lower risk rate because of the comfortability factor, but much like a one night stand with a total stranger, you have to wonder… is it really worth the bother?

I understand that there must be someone, somewhere, that has had a good one night stand but I’m yet to meet them.  Obviously the story provides a great deal of laughter at the pub the next day but I think sex with a total random can leave you feeling a little empty.

One night wonder or classy and mysterious? I know which one I’d rather be…

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