The Timing

I’m forever feeling as though I’m running out of time. And considering how much of my life so far has been determined by phases of time such as going to school, moving onto sixth form and leaving home for university, I’m pretty glad that I have no commitments post graduation. I’m excited to have experiences ahead of me, undefined by Big Ben. However, I’ve begun to question how much timing not only determines our careers and education, but how much it also determines how we feel about people.

Think about it. If you know you’ve only got a matter of weeks to spend with someone before they leave the country or before you move on yourself, the ‘romance’ will be far more intense. It’s like that wonderfully romantic evening spent kissing that mysterious guy on a beach in Thailand. You know that he’ll probably turn out to be some bloke from Watford who isn’t particularly interesting… Sometimes I think it’s the transience of the kiss that makes it special rather than the location or perhaps even the person…

For instance, when you meet a stranger who you connect with, it’s the thought that you might never see them again that makes everything all the more urgent. It’s the ‘what ifs’ that make the whole relationship far more magical and you can forever blame timing for something that potentially wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Despite this cynicism, I do believe that we come across people who we would probably have a life-long friendship with, or perhaps even a long term romance but due to the motion of that little thing we call ‘life’, moments fade and people come and go. However natural it is to form fleeting friendships, I still think it’s a great shame.

Despite my own battle with timing and relationships, I think it has become an overused excuse these days and if you’re really into someone; time, distance and even money won’t be an issue. So if that certain someone who you know will only be around for a brief fifteen minutes, or couple of months, gives you butterflies, maybe it’s worth making sure that your time frame isn’t set in stone. Give them the little time you have and enjoy their company because you don’t know when that next wonderful brief encounter might come knocking…

Tick Tock.

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