The Balls

So last month I didn’t stop banging on about boobs. This month, I’ll be nattering about balls.

Girls, be prepared to encounter some rather grizzly smackers for the next few weeks as Movember kicks into action. While October was exhumed in a female-friendly pink colour which I hope will continue beyond Halloween, this month men across the country get a little hairy (above the neck) in aid of Testicular Cancer Awareness. Just like most things man-related, it’s one of those topics that is avoided by most and worried about by many. Men will readily admit to finding it far more difficult to talk about their feelings than women. Ladies can run up and hug each other when times are tough, but for men, a comical caterpillar that sits above their lip for four weeks, speaks volumes.

Although they are arguably one of the funniest looking body parts, those two balls that hang off your man (or yourself) ultimately create life. And with 2,000 men diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK each year, I think we should all start thinking about them a little more. So whether they are hairy, huge or rather non-descript, check them out regularly rather than just scratch them in public. It’s important.

But listen, I’d love to say and chat but I really moustache.

Have a great Movember and get involved. It really is a wonderful cause.

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