The Bad Day

Normally Monday brings with it a bit of doom and gloom. This week, Wednesday was woeful.

I’ll start from the beginning. My mother and I decided to go shopping to return some shoes and to find an outfit for this weekend’s birthday celebrations. We went to return the shoes and were accused of wearing them before returning them: it was safe to say that the day started badly and I was not best pleased. We left the store rather disappointed and decided to go for a coffee to digest the morning’s grievances. On arriving at Megabucks, they kindly informed me that they’d run out of “toffee-nut latte” sprinkles. Things really were going from bad to worse. I reluctantly settled for a cappuccino and we went on our merry way. After around half an hour of shopping, my super vigilant mother realised that her purse had been stolen and I thought I was about to give up on the day altogether. We then spent an extra half an hour scouring shop floors for the purse, cancelling cards and mourning the loss of her Boots Advantage Card. After this, things escalated: I fell over in the middle of Regent Street, almost got trampled on by an oversized 4×4, got on the bus to realise I had no money on my oyster and no cash on me, missed out on my lottery numbers by one number on each ball and finally, returned home without an outfit for this weekend.

This is about as bad as my bad day gets and I have moaned about it ever since, until now.

I saw an advertisement on the tube last night for Centre Point. It’s a charity supporting the lives of young people living on the street which put my life into perspective. I then realised that yes, mum’s purse had been stolen, (which was inherently wrong), but perhaps they were desperate? Yes, I fell over and embarrassed myself in the middle of central London and yes, I am still working part-time with very little money to spare. But at least I have a warm, loving home and know I’ll be surrounded by love and hopefully happiness this Christmas: these young people won’t.

If your bad day sounds a little like mine, count yourself lucky. And rather than spend a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of unstylish Ugg boots or poncy Polaroid camera; sponsor a child this season and donate to Centre Point: .

The latest computer game really is just for Christmas; a special memory lasts a lifetime. I promise.


    • thelondonladybird December 14, 2011 / 2:12 pm

      Hi Charlotte, thank you so, so much! That’s lovely of you. Would you be able to forward the link onto me please?

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