_JWA0574Set your teeth on edge. Heart of gold. Fair play. Foul play. And love is blind. There are so many Shakespeare-isms that we use on a daily basis that we aren’t even aware stem from the immortal dictionary of the big man himself. You might know him as Bill, The Bard, or just William Shakespeare. Either way, I guarantee you will have used his fumbly bumbly, outdated words to express yourself in times of love, anger or loss, regardless of your feelings towards men in tights. And the fact that it’s 2015.

Having both studied and taught English Literature, I thought I knew each of his works like the back of my hand. But when I was invited to The Globe for an evening spent in the yard watching King John, I realised that this was one of the few that I’d left unturned. As it turns out, it’s pretty great. No surprises there then.

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For only £5 a yard ticket, I’d really recommend heading down here on a Summer’s evening. I stress Summer at this point as the theatre is open-air, meaning that if it rains, you get wet. Really wet. Luckily for me, I went during our recent heatwave and the evening breeze – along with a glass of wine (and a very large Pimms) – made for a perfect night.

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As the evening wore on, I couldn’t help but wonder why I’d heard so little about a play that’s both so tragic and hilarious. It must be void of one of his cracking one liners, I thought. And that’s when it happened:

‘Fight fire with fire’ he said.

My ears pricked up. Of course, yet another one to add to the list.

Check out the full schedule here. This Summer Season is their best yet.

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