It’s Sunday. It’s October. And I’ve got my ticket to Glastonbury in the bag. Life is good. As is the internet. Here are some of my favourites reads from the past 7 days, for you to enjoy.

I know it’s Monday tomorrow. But until then, relax and be merry. We still have a few hours of Sunday left to tuck into…

Have a good one.

Wise words from wonderful women

Where did the memorial for slaves go?

Irish women speak out about abortion

What is life like for female refugees?

The problem with body hair being used as a tool for feminism

Haunting photography

Why I love being a British woman

Is the party over?

Orgasms at the drop of a hat: why are we still not getting it?

Cases for and against Corbyn’s women troubles

We do have types, apparently

Make your space a space


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