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The weather has turned a lighter shade of cold and I am all for it. Hats, scarves, coats, layers: call me a basic bitch; I love it.

I know The Sunday Papers are late this week and I am sorry. I know that finding a nook in the sofa and not being able to vacate it to retrieve my laptop is not an excuse and so again, I am sorry. But hey, I am only human. And it was quite nice not to be glued to a screen for just one day of the week. But my favourite reads are here. So if you’re not keen on Downton or if you have yet to be sucked into the absurdity that is Towie, have a chomp on this lot.

I’m a flake and not proud

Pro choice?

Something I’m confused about

Art from the womb, not the heart

If you haven’t signed up to Lenny yet, please do (if you still can)

As IF everyone has cottoned onto my favourite drink

White Feminism: I’ve thought about it a lot lately


Believe it or not, racism exists

Squatter photography

Save our NHS

Laura (from The Job Centre) has signed a book deal!

Why Women Cheat

Have a great week.


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