As October comes to a close and we put away our Halloween costumes and face paints for another year, we look towards November, which is normally a time for cosy evenings, warmer coats and plenty of fireworks, except for this year I feel a little nervous.

In recent weeks, I have tried my best to just zone out, pretend the US election is simply not happening and convince myself that the lesser of two evils will win, but as my TV screen reveals Trump rallies filled with women celebrating his god-awful policies and people continue to support him, I’m filled with anxiety about the fact that he might actually become the next President of the United States . But it’s not just America that is causing me to panic. I worry about the refugee crisis, housing, education, equal pay, Russia. It just seems to be a never-ending cycle of worry at the moment, don’t you think?

Anyway, despite wanting to dive under a duvet and pretend I live on Mars, I have collated my favourite reads from the last seven days for you to enjoy Рsome serious, some not so.

Chewing, Be Gone

Make Your Relationship Last

Child Poverty

Job or Life?

Private School Feminism

Build Them Bridges

Poisoned Candy

Improve Date Night

Yes, Iceland!


The Truth About Honeymoon




I’m Late, I’m Late

Fair Pay

Have a great week.


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