Six years ago, I sat in my freezing cold bedroom, in my third year at university, and opened a WordPress account. Between writing a dissertation and drinking all of the tequila, and without any real idea of what I was going to write or what I wanted my blog to be about, I just started typing, posting and sharing posts as ‘The London Ladybird’.

What came out of my fingers and into each text box were simply the random (sometimes poorly written) musings of a 21-year-old, who thought she knew it all, about to enter the real world. I wrote freely about finding my first grey hair and how much I hated my freckles, completely naive to the fact that I was casting my first digital footprint and unaware that people might actually be listening to what I had to say.

Over the years, my posts have gotten longer and this space has changed and evolved. I have written honestly about most subjects – from mental health issues, relationship mishaps and career changes to sexual health, tackling alopecia, politics and religion. Basically, I have covered all of the topics mama probably would’ve told me not to and I have loved every second of it. And if I’m totally honest? I think it has somehow managed to keep me sane and I would probably be a little lost without it.

Which is why I would like you to vote.

Let me explain.

Last month, I received an email. It was from the UK Blog Awards, writing to inform me that The London Ladybird had been nominated to win this year’s Lifestyle award and, as you can imagine, after years of creating content, I was thrilled – surprised, in fact, that somebody had taken the time to put my blog forward for such a prestigious award.

So, thank you, Amy. It means a lot.

Of course, what I would love more than anything is to win. Although, with the likes of Emma Gannon and Ella Masters currently in the running for my category, let’s just say I won’t be holding my breath. However, everybody loves a trier, so if you are feeling generous or have a spare two minutes, you can now vote for me to win. But, be quick! Voting closes on Monday 19th December.

If you do go ahead and vote, thank you.

If you don’t, I hope the sound of my tears keep you awake at night.

May the best blog win.



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