I’m not an illustrator.

Nor do I paint or draw.

And I certainly don’t know much about art, except for knowing what I do and do not like. I’m drawn to portraits, neon strokes and photographs, mainly. I like pictures of faces, stories and things that hurt my eyes or make a statement. I like art both old and new, but mostly modern and colourful.

But the thing I love most about the art world? The place in which the pieces are housed.

Art galleries are a place of stillness, quiet and calm in cities normally abuzz with activity. They’re a place for opinions and unrushed time. They’re the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. I particularly like the gift shops at the end. I always buy the postcards. The black and white ones. Always with faces in them.

But which are my favourites?

Although The Met mesmerised me, The Tate Modern will never be topped. Not only is it located in one of my favourite parts of London, but it was also one of my favourite first date spots shared with Ryan. I’d known him for no more than three weeks when we headed there one Saturday afternoon. After wandering the halls, we sat side by side on the floor of the Turbine Hall, just so we could chat some before we went our separate ways for the evening. We’d already had coffee, wandered along the river and walked as slowly as we possibly could, but we still had more to say to each other, so we sat awhile. You know what it’s like when you first meet someone: so little time, so much to say.

Although The Tate makes for the perfect date, The Saatchi in Sloane Square is dear to me, too. Filled with space, light from the large windows and deathly quiet at anytime of day, it’s a great way to clear the mind. Or just look at the pretty pictures, of course.

And The National Portrait. A classic I love for no other reason than because I like to look at paintings and drawings of people. Plus, the building itself is epic.

I know art galleries can seem intimidating and it can sometimes feel like you don’t belong if you don’t know your Pollock from your Hockney or you’re not wearing something other than a pair of jeans, but they’re free for a reason: art is universal and all are welcome.

What’s your favourite gallery in the world and why? I’d love to know.


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