Eleven days into Lent and I broke my promise to publish a blog post every day.

I’m writing this on Monday night at 11pm, when all I want to do is hit the hay because I feel guilty for not making my self-set deadline.

But I said I would post 40 posts over 40 days, so I will.

Even if it is three days late.

Truth is, seven of my best girlfriends came to see me in the west this weekend and, for someone who misses home on the daily, having a slice of London here was more than magical. We ate, drank, walked, sailed, laughed, chatted and danced our way through the last few days – it was more perfect than I’d imagined it would be.

Even though I do feel bad I didn’t post on Saturday, taking some time to sit at my laptop instead of enjoying the company of the girls in my little flat so far from home would have seemed… wrong.

So here I am, a little late, but still here.

See you on Tuesday for some more musings about life, love and everything in between.


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