I’ve decided to put together 20 (very simple) ways to give yourself a little lift when things aren’t quite going your way.

If you know of any others, do let me know.

Here goes:

  1. Finish that book left to rot on your bedside table.
  2. Take a bubble bath and soak until the water gets cold.
  3. Buy a really good cup of coffee, no matter the cost.
  4. Invite a colleague to actually take a lunch break and sit down to eat together (not at your desk!).
  5. Buy gelato, find a bench and sit for a while.
  6. Spring clean.
  7. Take unwanted goods to a charity shop.
  8. Throw a couple of quid into a homeless person’s hat.
  9. Light some candles and read a magazine.
  10. Sit under a duvet on the sofa – ain’t nothin’ more indulgent than that.
  11. Turn your phone off.
  12. Start a new series on Netflix.
  13. Go to bed an hour earlier than usual.
  14. Get Jiggy Widdit.
  15. Go to the cinema and splash out on popcorn and a drink.
  16. Facetime a friend.
  17. Delete Facebook from your phone, or if you’re feeling really brave, delete it altogether.
  18. Drink prosecco during the day.
  19. Apply for that job you want.
  20. And a failsafe, final suggestion: move your goddamn body in any way you can.

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