Another week, another step closer to Christmas.

For real, can you believe we are halfway through the year already? I’m getting so clichéd in my old age, constantly talking about time passing, as though hours have turned into minutes and minutes have turned into seconds. But I can’t help it. Each month seems to be passing me by with every blink I take. I’ll be waving my firstborn off on their first day of school in no time at this rate.

Anyway, distract yourself from those Sunday Blues (and the transience of time) by diving into what I discovered on my Internet exploration over the past seven days.

Jailed for Being Raped

Pregnant on The Pill

Why the Name Change?

Oh Dear, Baby Dove

Why Are We So Obsessed With Milestones?

The Single Parent Life

Condoms in Family Planning

And the Attempt to Shut Down Carnival Begins…

There’s a Harry Potter Supper Club and I Can’t Cope

Will You Be Freezing Your Eggs?

A Sex Manual For Teens

I Hope He Does Go to Jail

First Citalopram Trip

Have an epic one.


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