Living in a busy city is the best. No doubt about it. There is one downside that millions of people can relate to, though, and that’s the sky-high living costs.

City life, particularly within a capital city, doesn’t come cheap. From housing prices and travel to food and entertainment, almost every aspect of city life is more expensive than it is in other parts of the country. Even after taking the increased salaries into account, it’s still pretty steep, so finding ways to make some money on the side is highly desirable (if you have the time, of course).

Thankfully, living in a busy place with a strong economy, means you can do just that. Regardless of your situation, there are plenty of ways to generate side sources of income, making all the difference to your standing of living.

Given the ease of international travel, most popular cities are now blessed with high volumes of tourism from both domestic and foreign visitors. Using Airbnb management services allows you to generate money from renting out your property. Useful when you take your own vacations, but also to rent out rooms while you’re still living there. The days of taking on a lodger are long gone, I guess. 

Utilising assets by renting them out on a temporary basis can also extend beyond the home. There are companies that allow you to lend out filming equipment or other useful possessions you might have. You can also rent out your time, with Uber making it very easy to earn a little extra income as a private taxi driver. One of the best things about taking this route is that you can set a schedule to suit your needs. Essentially, you can earn money while curing your boredom without sacrificing your down time. 

Another one to note is that businesses are always looking for skilled people to work on short-term deals. These roles can range from film extras to leaflet distributors and everything in between. Social media can be a great way to find out about those positions, or you could even go a little old school and take the initiative by phoning around smaller businesses or agencies you think might need a hand.

Of course, you can always start a blog, just as I did back in 2011.

Living in the city gives you the opportunity to provide first-hand insight into it’s really like to live there. Whether it be reviewing entertainment and books or helping new people settle into the area, write about what you love with authenticity and doors you might not have been invited through will open. Communication and networking are crucial to success in this city.

City life can be expensive, and money is (unfortunately) essential to making the most of it. While a good career should always be the priority, being aware of the external earning endeavours could unlock a far happier future.

If that doesn’t inspire you to take those activities on board, nothing will.

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