If you live in London, you’ll know it’s cold up in hurr. Stepped off the tube yesterday and thought I was in Antarctica. Well, not quite but I am wearing a jumper. Haven’t been able to sleep the last week or so, so have been scrolling lots. Here’s my note-worthy picks from the last 7.

Fenty Rollies

Self care isn’t optional

This is hilarious

Hiding texts is cheating

Intern at 43

Arguing is good for you

Ejaculating dildo, anyone?

America’s abortion rights

Instagram is a feminist haven

14 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

What’s chrysalis time?

When you feel pregnant but aren’t

Can your boyfriend say, ‘vagina’ without going all weird?

Feminist tatts

Special mention

Goes to Lauren, this week, with her run down of her run-in with chemotherapy. It’s not an easy read but it’s an important one. Thanks for sharing, lady

To the rest of you, have a good week.


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