The only thing I’m prepared to leave the house for of an autumnal Sunday afternoon is to either hunt down a roast or head out for a walk around Richmond Park. Other than that, it’s soft clothes, blankets, books and tea. And blogging, of course. If you’re tucked up, looking for something to read, here’s a run down of my favourite articles, videos and tit bits from the last seven days.


The most important story to come out of this week is, of course, the Weinsten stuff. Naturally, it makes me feel sick to my core, but I’m not surprised by it. Which is part of the problem, I guess. This audio gives me shivers.

Model Behaviour

Agencies have a responsibility to think carefully about who they recruit. Here’s an example of a time they didn’t.

Frightened of Having a Baby

At certain times of the month, I want a baby more than I want the perfect winter coat. Other times, the thought of having one makes me stop breathing. Glad I’m not alone.

Self Care

Looking after yourself means something different to everyone. What does it look like to you?

Generation Rent

As someone who constantly beats themselves up about not being able to buy a house, this was quietly reassuring. A nice reminder that renting has its perks and that I don’t actually want to buy a house, I just feel like I should.

When the Boyfriend’s Away

Half of me loves when I’m left to my own devices while he’s away. Until I don’t have anyone to curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix with, that is. Liz, however, loves it.

Break Ups

I’ve survived every single one with too many nights out with the girls. Not sure I agree there’s any other exit route to be fair.

The Cash Flow

I talked a little this week about money. A sticky, awkward subject that people tend to shy away from. Here’s what I think about being at a different cash flow stage to my friends.

Emma Bunton’s Interview

I’ve never seen this before, but it is not okay that bloody Baby Spice was asked such gross, not to mention irrelevant, questions by Howard Stern. Another day, another woman put in an intimidating and uncomfortable position. I’m glad this clip has resurfaced. Here’s to outing more scoundrels.

We Don’t Know Shit

In a time where we can self-publish at all times, it’s sometimes better to admit you actually know nothing.

Megan Ellaby’s Fashion Faves

I’ve always been pro-YouTube. They’re creators as much as the next person, and the stick they get is a little uncalled for. I’ve followed Megan’s blog for a few years and have recently started watching her YouTube channel and I’m addicted. Her style is second to none and I basically want to be her. If you’re not sure about YouTube, start here. It’s good.

Chloe Plumstead’s Think Pieces

I love everything about Chloe Plumstead’s blog posts. Each post is well thought out and relevant and guarantees to feed you with something valuable. Her ‘Think Pieces’ category is my absolute fave of the lot.

And that’s it for this week, I think. Hope you’re all having a chipper Sunday.



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