In a world where it’s nigh on impossible to know which day of the week it is or remember a friend’s birthday without the support of our smartphones, it makes perfect sense to reach for our little pocket computer when it comes to our birth control, too.

As you well know, there are tons of different forms of contraception available on the market. From those you get surgically inserted to others you need to pull out the bedside table just before knocking boots. The benefit of the former, of course, is that you don’t need to remember to do or take anything. However, an IUD or implant isn’t for everyone and you might have opted for the pill, which is where a reminder app might come in handy.

Lady Pill Reminder is a great app if you don’t have time to remember to take your pill. It’ll simply buzz at you when it’s time, you take the tab and you’re protected for another day. Simple. It works with all different types of birth control pills, and you can even enter the number you have in each packet and it’ll buzz when you’re about to run out. It’s very easy to use, and you can even change the icon to something discreet if you’re of a particularly private disposition – although remember, ladies: protecting yourself ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of.

If you happen to take other medications in addition to your pill, it’s going to be even harder to remember when and what to take each day. MyTherapy (iOS/Android) is a little more comprehensive and can help with that. Its database has pretty much every medication under the sun, so if you have a more complicated pill-popping regime than others, it can be a real life-saver. It tracks activities and symptoms too, which you can bundle together in a report to keep for yourself or show to your doctor if something isn’t sitting quite right.

Of course, birth control isn’t everyone’s bag these days, with some trying to get pregnant (eek! When did this happen?!) which is where Natural Cycles can be useful. It’s an app that uses your temperature to determine the days you are and aren’t fertile so you know when the best time to hop into bed is. I wouldn’t rate it as a method of birth control on its own, as it seems a tad risky, something I spoke about a few weeks ago, but of course, that’s up to you.

Choosing the right contraception is a very personal decision and can take years to find one to suit your body and lifestyle. If you do decide the pill is the method for you, though, why not allow technology to take care of the remembering, so you can focus on all the other, more exciting aspects of your life instead? Such as where your next margarita is going to come from?

Birth control doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. You just have to do your research and figure out what works best for you.

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