If I were to live my best life, I would be onstage at the world’s biggest festivals each summer; dressed in some sort of sequinned jumpsuit with nails the colour of the night sky. I would sing songs that would make people feel like they could conquer the world. I would drink a lot and smoke a lot with no risks to my health whatsoever. I would live in a beautiful townhouse in Notting Hill and would scour the rails of COS with an intention to buy, instead of browse. I would only drink coffee bought at independent cafes and would have lots and lots of rock star friends. Kate Moss would have my number on speed dial. I would have written a book about my life, painting the perfect picture of my effortlessly cool and carefree existence whilst omitting Steven Hawking type intelligence and the written capabilities of J K Rowling, all at the same time.

Instead, I live between a modest but lovely flat in Bristol and my parent’s home in West London. I am a London girl to my core, with Thames water flowing through my veins, so spending lots of my time in the West Country makes me come out in imaginary hives. Although it is the friendliest place on the planet, it has to be said.

I am a freelance digital marketer/copywriter by day and blogger/dancer by night. I like to work next to people, cook as best as I can and mainly shop in Zara or the dimly lit bargain bit of Urban Outfitters that nobody likes to venture into. I have lots of big dreams (to write for a magazine and trek across America) as well as much smaller aspirations (to lose a stone by my brother’s wedding next year and find someone to take photos of me for this god awful About Me page). I have made mistakes (most of which I like to write about) and have achieved greatness (something I never write about).

It’s basically impossible to not sound like a dick when writing about oneself, so I’ll save it. Instead, I’ll leave you with a comprehensive list of my likes and dislikes, to help you decide whether you want to stay a little longer or find a different blog to browse on this fine day.

It’s good to have you, do stick around.

Things I love

+ festivals + books + coffee + poetry + art + christmas + head scarves + hats + david nicholls + boots + black jeans + music + lena dunham + new tech + painting + writing + new york + talking + gin + live music + the seasons + house parties + new people + sparkling water + popcorn + sylvia plath + notting hill + fresh flowers + autumn + nights in + instagram + feminism +

Things I hate

+ war + tabloids + dissecting shakespeare + break ups + pineapple juice + yoghurt with bits in it + camden + crocs + cold sores + hangovers + ready meals + bikinis + mysogyny + trump +

Things I read

little magpie + wonderful u + lou in paris + charlotte’s weblisette loves + the girl who stole londonsuperlatively rude + suitcase + like her typethe debrief + disasters of a 30 something + girl lost in the city + design love fest + xanthe berkeley + ella masters + the financial diet + OK But First Coffee + THE SLANT + Tate + old loves + shithairsickgarms + more than toast +