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‘I’ve started taking myself out on dates’ is probably the most millennial thing to have ever escaped my lips.

But – whether you think I sound insufferable or not – I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Laura Jane Willams (of Becoming and Ice Cream for Breakfast fame) was the person who inspired me to start taking myself out. I kept seeing photos of her dining or ‘theatreing’ solo and thought it was such a great idea.

So I gave it a go.

On my first me date, I went for a walk around Hyde Park and stopped for coffee at The Serpentine. The second time, I went to The Saatchi in Sloane Square. The following month, I stepped it up a notch and battled with infants at the plethora of museums in South Kensington, followed by a slap-up lunch at a posh restaurant, just because.

I even had wine.

So far, I’ve been on around 6 or 7 dates with myself and I think it’s going pretty well. My favourite place to take me is Borough Market, followed by a trip to The Tate and lunch on the Southbank. It’s important to note that calories don’t count on me dates.

I have strict rules, too. No headphones. No bag. Just my purse in one pocket and my phone in the other. Comfy shoes, always. Oh, and I always buy myself a present. Even if it’s just a pencil or postcard from the gift shop.

You might think my dates sound boring, but your dates can look however you want them to. It all just depends on what you’re into and what you fancy doing that day. Try not to plan it too much. I might opt for the cinema next month. Or maybe a matinee. I’m working myself up to a solo city break, but I doubt it’ll happen before the year’s out. I’m thinking Barcelona, Amsterdam or maybe Berlin. Recommendations welcome.

Although tempting to hide under a duvet when you have an afternoon to yourself, consider stepping out and treating yourself to a date with all the trimmings. There’ll be no one telling you which way they’d rather walk; no one to natter in your ear while you’re trying to take in your surroundings or judge when you order that second glass of wine before 2 pm…

Plus, you never know, you might just turn out to be your perfect date.