I just wanted to say a little something about our impromptu election before it’s too late and you either vote badly or, worse still, not at all.

When it came to the 2015 election and last year’s referendum, I used this platform simply to urge people to vote. Yes, I might’ve insinuated who I would be voting for, but I never explicitly tried to persuade you to do the same. I was all about just getting people to the polling station. Women and young people, mainly. And although this hasn’t changed (with 8 million women likely to fail to show up to vote this time around), I have decided to just tell you what to do, like the good Aries I am, in an attempt to avoid waking up on Friday with the same dull ache I did this time last year, covered in glitter, in a tent in the middle of Somerset.

So, I’ll cut to the chase.

If you follow me on any form of social media, you already know who I will be voting for tomorrow.

I will be voting for the party who are most likely to take care of that disaffected child at the back of the class. I will be voting for the party who are likely to give those holding our beloved NHS together with white knuckles and little to no wages, the very best they deserve. I will be voting for a leader who believes that war, violence and retaliation is never the answer. I will be voting for a party who want to eradicate tuition fees and invest time and money into other options to ensure fair opportunity for all. And a party who have promised to actively help soothe our out of control housing crisis.

Basically, I will be voting for a party and a leader whose heart is in the right place. And to me, that’s what’s most important in the here and now.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m just another well spoken, middle class female with no idea how bad things can be for people, spouting their mouth off about socialism and left wing politics with a glass of Champers in tow. Well, think again. I was born from a working class family who had just enough, and sometimes less than that, growing up. I have no inheritance, no stash of cash and I have scrimped my own way through university. I might not have used a food bank myself, but I sure as hell know people who have. I have seen vulnerable people, old and very young, being neglected by the state. And I have felt the very real effects of the quite frankly unmanageable strains being placed on our national health service. I’m not saying I’m below the fucking breadline but I’m not talking to you from a place of privilege either. That being said, I know that with the foundations I’ve built for myself, I’ll be okay and probably always will be, with a lot of hard work. But there are others who won’t be without being removed from beneath Theresa May’s exploitative wing. So, even if you yourself are fine, vote to save those who aren’t.

The thing is, this blog post is pretty pointless as the majority of you who read this (thanks, Google Analytics) are open minded, loving and inclusive Londoners who already know who they are voting for. So, if you don’t need me to strike a chord with you, I urge you to share this post with those who haven’t uttered a word about who they’re backing (they tend to be the quiet Tory box tickers). Share it with older generations. Young, first time voters who aren’t sure what to do. Basically, share your thoughts – and even this post – with all and sundry ahead of tomorrow. Assure those across the country sitting comfortably that Corbyn won’t put them at a disadvantage, he will simply raise the rest of the country to meet them. At this stage, every undecided psyche you might be able to influence, counts.

If you’re a decent human being who genuinely cares for other human beings, I really don’t see any other option than to vote Corbyn for PM. I mean, he’s wearing a fucking baker boy in the image above. He couldn’t be more current.

If you are looking for a brighter tomorrow, then give him a chance.

Let’s face it, as it stands, we really don’t have much to lose.

Keeping everything crossed, Britain.

It’s time…


Recently, I wrote about not comparing myself to others as I get older, but on reflection, I’m not sure what I said is 100% true.

Sure, I might no longer care if I’m two dress sizes bigger than my best friend or that I can’t afford that Gucci t shirt anymore, but when it comes to my relationship? I can’t stop comparing mine to filtered versions of other people’s.

I mean, I’m fairly certain it’s an age thing. With weddings, christenings, baby showers and house keys littering my feeds, I’m sort of forced to compare myself in a way. To question whether I want what they have. To wonder why I don’t. Or at least think about why I have something different. Of course, it comes down to circumstance and even a desire to have those things at all, but even after years of preaching and listening to others preach about not being fooled by the falseness of people’s lives displayed on social media, I still get sucked into this behaviour, time and time again.

But why?

Every single morning I am kissed on the head and told to have a good day. Each evening, I sit down to eat with my flat mate and best friend. We laugh. We talk. And I am happy. Why, then, do I scroll through Instagram, through reams of people getting engaged, wondering why I haven’t been proposed to yet (somehow forgetting I’m not even sure how I feel about marriage). I hate that we don’t share a bottle of wine with dinner like other couples because he doesn’t like the taste of it (ignoring the fact I often prefer a beer anyway). And I wonder why we don’t own a home, knowing exactly the reasons why.

Of course, not comparing yourself to others on social media is all stuff you’ve heard before, but if you, like me, are 28 and wondering why your life doesn’t look like other people’s, question whether your themed grid on Instagram or perfectly crafted Facebook statuses are a true reflection of what’s going on in your life. I’m sure you haven’t shouted about that explosive (and completely unnecessary) row you had over socks being left by the wash bin or hair in the sink, and I’m almost certain you haven’t told all and sundry about those very real struggles, life choices or dips in the road you’ve experienced or been going through together.

Only when you realise you’re comparing yourself to something that doesn’t even exist, will you stop partaking in this very common losing battle. Just focus on doing what makes you and your other half happy, not what others are doing  to make them happy and you’ll start to feel about ten billion times more content with where you’re at right now.


There are some apps which need no introduction and there are others you might not have even heard of before, but if you are a #millennial with a full time job, a blog and a desperate need to make some extra cash on the side (or just someone simply searching for the best apps of 2017), here are 5 worth downloading to make life a bit lighter and brighter in the digital age.


Any good Instagrammer knows the in-app filters just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to capturing that cityscape on a grey day or improving a dimly lit flat lay, and my photo editing app of choice is Afterlight. It might cost to download but it’s definitely worth the two quid. With filters, editing tools and various shapes and frames all in one app, you won’t find a better photo editing tool for your phone. Fact.


If you’ve got tons of clothes and want a reason to buy more, then why not make space for new clothes by selling your pre-loved items to those looking to give them a second wind? Quick and easy to upload, with great messaging functionality, liking capabilities and a foolproof reviewing system, depop is for modern day ebayers looking to sell clothes to likeminded ladies. Plus, lots of your favourite bloggers, vloggers and Intagrammers are likely to be on there selling items you’ve been lusting over, so get in quick to copy their look.


If you, like me, frantically note down blog post ideas, shopping lists and random musings into your Apple notes app on the go, then you need One Note in your life. You can place a password on your notes, compartmentalise your thoughts under different tabs and use more than one notebook at a time, making it so much easier to split everything into work, play, food, etc. A disorganised person looking to be a super organised person’s dream.


At the risk of sounding like a desperate X Factor auditionee, music is what gets me through each day. I sit with headphones in whilst writing at work and can’t be without it when I’m on the move; Shazam helps to create some of the best Spotify playlists around by finding those tracks you fall in love with, for you. Just open this app, hold it into the air and it will direct you straight to the track on Spotify. D-ream.The number of times I’ve grappled for my phone to find Shazam during an episode of Girls or a Netflix Original series is insane…


Considering it’s one of the most popular social media platforms around, I’m not sure this one actually needs an introduction, explanation or reason why you need it on your person at all times. Basically, if you like looking at pretty photos, taunting yourself with reams of women wearing clothes you would die for, or keeping up with your favourite celebs in real time, then this one is probably for you. Although, Insta: sort your algorithm out, we humans like things in chronological order.

If you have any suggestions for which apps I should be forking out for this year, do let me know. Otherwise, let me know how you get on with these suggestions.



Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

If you like bright hues, humour and all things fashion and feminism, Leandra (Medine) Cohen is your woman. Founder of online powerhouse, Man Repeller, follow the magazine’s account for #armparties and statement shoes. Alternatively, you can do what I do and stalk her from all angles by following her personal account, too. Be prepared for some serious career, style and general life envy.


Northern lass with a penchant for a statement blouse, I want to steal the clothes from inside her home and wear them upon my back forevermore. It’s no surprise her style is to die for, she’s worked for some seriously big names in the business – Henry Holland being one of them. Rarely wearing black, follow her for a little colour and star print inspiration.


VOGUE contributing fashion editor and freelance stylist who has worked with some of the best photographers and models in the industry. Super posh, super stylish, she nails that messy but cool British female vibe and I can’t get enough of her. Loves a charity shop find and Throwback Thursday as much as the next person.


I always wanted a sister, so perhaps that’s where my obsession with these ladies stems from? Or perhaps it’s their ability to look effortlessly cool at all times? Either way, their account is for those who enjoy a more monochromatic colour palette. Fans of sliders, culottes and a good Breton stripe, follow for a dose of LA life.


Oversharing is most definitely caring in my world and this chick hasn’t got a problem with that. A professional Instastorier, if that’s even a thing, she shares real-life traumas – from thrush related gripes to her current love interests and dating faux pas. Her feed has me crying with laughter and I look forward to catching up on her day of an evening – social media is weird, right? Follow her if you want to live The Hun Life.

Of course, if you also want to follow me on Instagram, that’s totally fine too. I tend to post about clothes I shouldn’t have bought and my bearded boyfriend walking in strange places, alongside extra long captions nobody reads. If you know anyone I should be following, let me know. I love a good scroll.


The past couple of years have seen the Internet come alive with mental health posts, tweets and shares, which I not only think is great, but also oh so necessary in an ever changing and fast paced world.

More so than ever before, we are being honest and open and are willing to share in order to guide and make one another feel less alone, as well as ease our own pain. Each account I’ve read or video I’ve watched has touched me in some way, sure, but none more than this snippet from Megan of Wonderful You. You can hear the crack in her voice left behind by the heavy hands of depression and can see in her eyes and face that she is struggling. She’s not in tears, nor is she in the throes of the dark place she talks about, but she is in the immediate fall out from it – that weird place of nothingness and not feeling like you anymore.

It is not only the most honest and raw post I’ve seen, it’s also the most useful and accurate description of what it truly feels like to suffer.

I hope sharing this soothes at least one of you, because god knows, we could all use a little help sometimes.

Read Megan’s blog