After a hectic week in the big smoke, it’s nice to be back in Bristol, enjoying a lazy weekend. If you’re doing the same as me, i.e. not a lot, catch up on the last 7 days over a hot cup of coffee.

Can we raise kids as gender-neutral?

White supremacists want to remain anonymous

Children are a choice

Racism begins at home

Friends with an ex?

Being a young single mum

Laters, monochrome

Define success

Why bridesmaids should still be a thing

Wake up to racism

The trials and tribulations of tampons

Bring Mount Rushmore down?

Be a Beach Goddess

Hatred in Charlottesville

Love in Barcelona

Have a good week.


Hello, August.

Although we all know September and October leave us sweating in our premature knitwear, you are effectivelyย the last month of summer and that is terrifying. I haven’t been on holiday, I haven’t been to a single festival and I haven’t sat in one beer garden. Clearly, I’m doing summer wrong. Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to be reclining by a pool or enjoying a coffee in the garden, tuck into my favourite reads from the last couple of weeks.

Being Nice is Our Most Powerful Weapon, Ladies

Man Repeller Shoes Are Go!

Truthful Wedding Toasts

Changing Names

Stop Binge-Watching

Give Louise a Break

What’s Happening With Brexit?

Would You Wear No Make Up to Work?

Glastonbury is Life

I Hate My Arms

Write Your Own Teenage Summer Bucket List

Well, This is Terrifying

Online Friendships


Have a good one.


Another week, another step closer to Christmas.

For real, can you believe we are halfway through the year already? I’m getting so clichรฉd in my old age, constantly talking about time passing, as though hours have turned into minutes and minutes have turned into seconds. But I can’t help it. Each month seems to be passing me by with every blink I take. I’ll be waving my firstborn off on their first day of school in no time at this rate.

Anyway, distract yourself from those Sunday Blues (and the transience of time) by diving into what I discovered on my Internet exploration over the past seven days.

Jailed for Being Raped

Pregnant on The Pill

Why the Name Change?

Oh Dear, Baby Dove

Why Are We So Obsessed With Milestones?

The Single Parent Life

Condoms in Family Planning

And the Attempt to Shut Down Carnival Begins…

There’s a Harry Potter Supper Club and I Can’t Cope

Will You Be Freezing Your Eggs?

A Sex Manual For Teens

I Hope He Does Go to Jail

First Citalopram Trip

Have an epic one.


If you’re as hungover as I am and are looking for something to do, grab some snacks and a cup of tea, dive back under your duvet and tuck into my favourite reads from the last seven days.

An Ode to Summer in London

Men Shouldn’t Wear Flip Flops

Pool Party Etiquette

A Grown Up Glastonbury

My Best Friend’s Wedding

THAT Snow White Poster

Keeping a Diary Isn’t Just for Teenagers

Breastfeeding in Parliament

Boys Taking a Stand in Skirts

Being a Radical Woman

Don’t Be a Political Outsider

Achieve the Perfect Fake Tan

Wanna Go Vulva Watching?

Katie Price

Have a good week!


After a big, fat gap in Sunday Papers posts of late, I thought I would start them back up again. However, the sun is shining and most of you are probably tucking into brunch, sipping on cocktails with friends, or baking in the midday sun, and probably won’t be interested in scrolling through online articles at this moment in time. However, once you’re home and have enjoyed a cold shower, moisturised those shoulders and fixed yourself up a little light, summertime supper, why not tuck into these reads from the last 7 days? Sometimes it’s good to reflect.

In Memory of Jo Cox

Is it Always Painful to Be Dumped?

Pay Back Your Student Loan (Lol)

How Britain Fails Migrants

Daddy Issues

Why Do People Cheat?

Is the Tradition of Marriage a Little Out of Date?

Labour Must Keep Fighting

Why the Love Island Feminist Debate Was So Important

Being Popular

Justice for Grenfell

Do We Need a Plan?

The Dating Time Continuum

The Joy of Being Unhealthy

Have a fantastic week!