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How is it Sunday already?! It feels like only yesterday I shared last week’s favourite reads. Anyway, here are a few more for you to enjoy with a warm cuppa…

Younger Siblings Rock the Most

Ever Had a Stalker?

Northerners Voting Out

Writing Letters

Why Do We Call People ‘Mixed Race’?

Women in Tech

It’s Okay to be a Late Bloomer

A Teenage Guide to Social Media

Adopt a Sad-Looking Tree

Peek Inside Successful Women’s Desks

A Tattoo… Down There…

Wishing You a wonderful week.

(Only 15 sleeps until Christmas!)


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This weekend has been amazing.

Just what I needed, in fact. After writing about how I needed to slow down, I finally have. I spent yesterday morning on the sofa, under a duvet, watching Stranger Things, before wandering around the shops looking for Christmas presents and so far today I have cooked brunch, showered, dressed and I will be heading out shortly for a little winter walk. Praise Jesus for chilled out weekends without travel, parties or rushing around like a headless chicken.

In other news, it’s the first Sunday in December. Our tree is up, four of our Advent Calendar doors have been pulled back and I finally feel like I am allowed to start warming up for Christmas.

Take some time to chill out this Sunday and kick back with some of my favourite reads from the past seven days.

OMG, I have this

Graphic Tees are Back

The Season of Giving? It Doesn’t Have to Be

Ever Lied on Your CV?

Laura Jane for Grazia

SJP 4 Lyf

How Many People Have You Slept With?

Domestic Violence

The British High Street

Learning to Love Being a Redhead

Female Friendships

Becoming Single at 62

Five Rules of Sex

There’s No Place like Home

Do NYE Right

Read something particularly great? Let me know about it.

Have a great week.



It’s bloody freezing and the world is in a state of disarray. Take some time to just chill out with a warm drink and some good reads. It’s important.

Speak Up

Be Careful Who You Screenshot

Stay in Touch with Your Ex

Laura Jane for Grazia

Generation Snowflake


Defend Yourself


Life in the Slow Lane

1970s Misfits



May Day

Have a great week.



As October comes to a close and we put away our Halloween costumes and face paints for another year, we look towards November, which is normally a time for cosy evenings, warmer coats and plenty of fireworks, except for this year I feel a little nervous.

In recent weeks, I have tried my best to just zone out, pretend the US election is simply not happening and convince myself that the lesser of two evils will win, but as my TV screen reveals Trump rallies filled with women celebrating his god-awful policies and people continue to support him, I’m filled with anxiety about the fact that he might actually become the next President of the United States . But it’s not just America that is causing me to panic. I worry about the refugee crisis, housing, education, equal pay, Russia. It just seems to be a never-ending cycle of worry at the moment, don’t you think?

Anyway, despite wanting to dive under a duvet and pretend I live on Mars, I have collated my favourite reads from the last seven days for you to enjoy – some serious, some not so.

Chewing, Be Gone

Make Your Relationship Last

Child Poverty

Job or Life?

Private School Feminism

Build Them Bridges

Poisoned Candy

Improve Date Night

Yes, Iceland!


The Truth About Honeymoon




I’m Late, I’m Late

Fair Pay

Have a great week.



I have been hit by a bout of sickness this week and MAN OH MAN am I bored of coughing, spluttering and being exhausted all the goddamn time. We were supposed to drive down to Cornwall this weekend for a little October getaway but decided against it so we could go for walks and hide under the duvet for a few days to rest and recuperate. Thank god we did – it has been bliss.

Have you been hit by a winter bug, too? Having a cosy Sunday indoors? Tuck yourself in and take a look at my favourite reads from the last seven days.

All Trick and No Treat?

A Winter Thing

Sex With a Disability

Stop Dating Too Soon

Being a Woman in 2016

Millennial Retirement

Out? Or Out Out?

A Fatal Tinder Date

To the Next Ten Years

Social Media and Mental Health

You’re Being a Dick

Babies Change Everything

Periods and Sex

Mental Health Crisis in Women’s Prisons

Mr & Mrs

Deal With Your Inbox

Keep warm, take your vitamins and have a great week.



I’m back home for the weekend after being kicked out of my flat for a boy’s get together in Bristol, so I am pulling this together from under a duvet on a very comfortable sofa in London after eating a perfect breakfast of avocado, bacon and eggs on toast. Bliss. Or is it Hygge these days?

Either way, get cosy with me and reflect on the last seven days with a warm brew.

Sally Has Her Say


The D Word

Basic Bitch 4 Lyf

Solid Career Advice

Anti-Fashion Shoot

The End of Freshers Week?

A Word from Owen Jones

What a Guy

The Stigma of Stillbirth

Living the Dream

Do What You Love

Have a great week.



It’s officially October! One of my favourite months of the year! When things get a little cosier and staying indoors with a good book becomes a little more acceptable. Sink into autumn this Sunday with a cup of something warm and my favourite reads from the past seven days.

First Year of Marriage

Relationship Sex

Burn, Baby, Burn

Hail, The NHS!


School Teacher Crush Gone Wrong

You Don’t Have to Hate Contraception

The Non-Asker: We All Know One

Save Some Money

The Pressure to Abort

I love this Website

Living With Alopecia in Your Twenties

Six Hour Working Day, Anyone?

Have a great week.



Enjoy a lazy Sunday in the last of the September sunshine with an iced coffee and some great reads from the last few weeks.

If you don’t read anything else today, read this

Fabric: it’s closing time

Standing Desks

Would You Want to Know Your Partner’s Secrets?

Double Standards

Queens of the World!



Alarm Clock of Dreams

I don’t know

Eating Disorders

Are these people for real?

Have a good one!