There are some apps which need no introduction and there are others you might not have even heard of before, but if you are a #millennial with a full time job, a blog and a desperate need to make some extra cash on the side (or just someone simply searching for the best apps of 2017), here are 5 worth downloading to make life a bit lighter and brighter in the digital age.


Any good Instagrammer knows the in-app filters just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to capturing that cityscape on a grey day or improving a dimly lit flat lay, and my photo editing app of choice is Afterlight. It might cost to download but it’s definitely worth the two quid. With filters, editing tools and various shapes and frames all in one app, you won’t find a better photo editing tool for your phone. Fact.


If you’ve got tons of clothes and want a reason to buy more, then why not make space for new clothes by selling your pre-loved items to those looking to give them a second wind? Quick and easy to upload, with great messaging functionality, liking capabilities and a foolproof reviewing system, depop is for modern day ebayers looking to sell clothes to likeminded ladies. Plus, lots of your favourite bloggers, vloggers and Intagrammers are likely to be on there selling items you’ve been lusting over, so get in quick to copy their look.


If you, like me, frantically note down blog post ideas, shopping lists and random musings into your Apple notes app on the go, then you need One Note in your life. You can place a password on your notes, compartmentalise your thoughts under different tabs and use more than one notebook at a time, making it so much easier to split everything into work, play, food, etc. A disorganised person looking to be a super organised person’s dream.


At the risk of sounding like a desperate X Factor auditionee, music is what gets me through each day. I sit with headphones in whilst writing at work and can’t be without it when I’m on the move; Shazam helps to create some of the best Spotify playlists around by finding those tracks you fall in love with, for you. Just open this app, hold it into the air and it will direct you straight to the track on Spotify. D-ream.The number of times I’ve grappled for my phone to find Shazam during an episode of Girls or a Netflix Original series is insane…


Considering it’s one of the most popular social media platforms around, I’m not sure this one actually needs an introduction, explanation or reason why you need it on your person at all times. Basically, if you like looking at pretty photos, taunting yourself with reams of women wearing clothes you would die for, or keeping up with your favourite celebs in real time, then this one is probably for you. Although, Insta: sort your algorithm out, we humans like things in chronological order.

If you have any suggestions for which apps I should be forking out for this year, do let me know. Otherwise, let me know how you get on with these suggestions.



Leandra Medine, Man Repeller

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VOGUE contributing fashion editor and freelance stylist who has worked with some of the best photographers and models in the industry. Super posh, super stylish, she nails that messy but cool British female vibe and I can’t get enough of her. Loves a charity shop find and Throwback Thursday as much as the next person.


I always wanted a sister, so perhaps that’s where my obsession with these ladies stems from? Or perhaps it’s their ability to look effortlessly cool at all times? Either way, their account is for those who enjoy a more monochromatic colour palette. Fans of sliders, culottes and a good Breton stripe, follow for a dose of LA life.


Oversharing is most definitely caring in my world and this chick hasn’t got a problem with that. A professional Instastorier, if that’s even a thing, she shares real-life traumas – from thrush related gripes to her current love interests and dating faux pas. Her feed has me crying with laughter and I look forward to catching up on her day of an evening – social media is weird, right? Follow her if you want to live The Hun Life.

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