Foxy & Husk

Although you might think a ladybird meeting up with a Fox and a Husky would end in disaster for such a spotty little creature, I was pleasantly surprised at how little they both licked their lips and gnashed their teeth at my unsuspecting face.

This summer has been eventful for the dramatic duo, otherwise known at Miss Isolde Godfrey (Foxy) and Miss Catherine Dunne (Husk). They have graced the fields of Latitude Festival, pounded the pavements of the capital for the Olympic celebrations, have performed at the Roundhouse and are looking forward to shaking their tail feathers at Bestival in September.

I couldn’t possibly try to categorise the two or explain their vision myself, but I love the work that these girls do and so decided to catch up with them at one of their favourite haunts… a rubbish bin at the end of my street, to ask some furry questions and share some leftover pizza slices. And of course, some milk.

I think the question on most people’s lips that have seen your videos is, where did the idea for “Foxy and Husk” come from?

“We travelled around Morocco together last Autumn and when we came back neither of us had any creative projects lined up. So, one day we began playing around with face paints, choosing animals that we resembled most, and decided it would be fun to make a music video. Before we knew it we were in a park making our first film ‘I Got You Babe’, and after that, one thing just led to another.”

Your make up, costumes, music choices and the shooting and editing is flawless, do you have any outside help?

“No we’re pretty self contained. We split all the errands between ourselves. Most of the costumes actually come from Catherine’s parent’s wardrobe. Anything else we pick up in Tooting Market.”

Some of the films are pretty romantic. Are your characters an item?

“We’re not quite sure ourselves, at first we thought they might be, and then we thought maybe brother and sister, then father and daughter, but in the end we decided they’re probably just friends.”

There’s a lot of milk drinking in your performances. Strange choice for a night out? 

“We thought Foxy and Husk probably weren’t massive drinkers. But, if they had to pick, then their tipple of choice would be a shot of milk. Our live shows usually involve the two downing a pint of milk.”

Do you live on the mean streets of the capital?

“Foxy and Husk live in Myatts Fields, we love the little cat cafe, the bandstand and all the domesticated dogs.

Sounds pretty perfect for you two, but what’s your favourite London location?

“It’s got to be The Southbank, at night, when the foxes are out. Or Battersea Dogs Home.”

Of course. You’ve had a great summer, but what has been the highlight?

“Probably giving out free massages to the public in London Bridge. We helped to deliver an Olympic baby, were interviewed by foreign press and danced to Stevie Wonder.”

Sounds like it’s going well, but what’s the future for Foxy and Husk?

“Foxy and Husk tend to be led by their animal instincts and their gut. They live for today. Plans are for humans.

However, we are taking our Foxy and Husk massage parlour to Bestival when we finish the Olympic street shows and then after that Foxy actually has a solo show up in Glasgow…”

And with that, they flicked their fur, downed yet another glass of milk and disappeared into the night.

The thing that draws me to these girls, aside from the fact that I’ve known Catherine since I was about three and went to university with Isolde, is their creative flair and forward thinking. I’m a sucker for women doing their thing and succeeding and that’s what these two have done.

I hope you find them as inspirational and gobsmackingly insane as I do.

Enjoy their short films and pop down to London Bridge tomorrow for a free massage. I’ll be there asking what you think.

See you then.

Watch them in action here:




Catch up with them on twitter or like their facebook page for information about future performances…