Anyone for Tonsil Tennis?

If you’re looking for something interesting to do on a date-don’t forget to consider sport. When most people are asked out, their first instinct is to suggest a drink, dinner or possibly a trip to the cinema; but I think there’s something to be said for a day of playing or watching sport. I’m not suggesting for a second every game accommodates a date. Personally, I would never take a girl to watch football for fear of instantly turning into a Neanderthal and bellowing abuse at people I don’t know. But I think some sports do lend their hand to the dating world and one sport in particular is perfect for two: tennis.

Take the Wimbledon Championships for example. Even if you’ve never watched tennis before, the rules and scoring are very easy to get to grips with and it’s a relaxing game to watch in one of the most impressive of London’s locations. Also, if you’re stuck for things to say, you’ve got a perfect conversation starter going on right in front of you. Take different sides, cheer them on and have fun. The great thing about Wimbledon isn’t only watching tennis though; go and take a break on Henman Hill with a bowl of strawberries and cream (pray that it isn’t raining) and people watch. Or if you’re feeling energised, play some mini tennis in their gardens and take a stroll around the complex. With so much to do, there’s so much potential to make it a date and if she isn’t up to much, fantasise about the fit tennis players!

Not only can you take a girl to watch tennis, but you can play it too. First and foremost, it’s the perfect opportunity for some harmless flirting. I like nothing better than to act like a clown on a tennis court, flinging my balls all over the place (don’t), falling into the net and trying silly trick shots. In my opinion, laughter on a date can only be a good thing. There’s also lots of potential to turn it into a reoccurring event too, where you and your ‘tennis partner’ can get to know each other better and maybe even go out for food after the match. Only this morning a friend of mine told me about a man, who after six weeks of having a new tennis partner, had left his wife of six years and moved to Manchester!

So many dates are the same, but by suggesting you playing tennis, you’ll have something a little more interesting than drinks to talk about. Plus, it already shows you have something in common. Ironically, the risk factor of your average date far outweighs the potential of the tennis date: instead of choking on a Nando’s or spilling your pint down you, you’ll feel far more energised and save money too.

So the next time someone asks you out on a date, instead of checking the local cinema times, look for your nearest tennis courts, pick up your racket and introduce sport to your dating life.

One tip for males that I will never stray from however, is that if you’re after another date, always, always let them win.