Why I am Voting

… Conservative

“For the past few weeks I’ve been asked the question: “Who are you voting for? Blue or Red?” If only it was as simple as a football allegiance; your club for life and that’s that.

Let me take you back just a few years, to the rising promise of the Liberal Democrats and their pledges to abolish university tuition fees. They won my vote then, albeit as a care-free, politically unmotivated, poor student – and then look what happened…

As such (and I really never thought I would say this), I’m voting Conservative for the following reasons. First and foremost they’re reducing the deficit created by the previous Labour government. They’re committed to lowering income tax even further and creating more jobs by backing small businesses and lowering business rates. Finally, and most importantly to someone of my generation, the Tories are focused on helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder with lower mortgages rates and 200,000 new homes.

Yes, I would love to see more spending on the NHS, less cuts to public services and whatever else the likeable goofball Ed Miliband is promising, but in all honesty I just feel that the election has come a couple of years too soon for him. We cannot forget the state our economy was left in the last time Labour took charge. Nor can it be ignored that since the Tories regained power, we have grown to become Europe’s fastest growing major economy, have the lowest unemployment figures to date and have seen continued rises in wages. 

Britain is heading in the right direction for the first time in a good while and I don’t see why we should change it and perhaps we shouldn’t run before we can even walk again. Think of Britain as being in the recuperation period following an accident.

Let the Tories get us back on our feet, get the economy going again and then we can talk about change.”

Tom, 25, Hackney