Why I am Voting

… Green

“Some would say it’s unrealistic to vote Green, but I would argue that it’s unrealistic to expect our planet and public services to survive if we leave it to the main parties. We’re using the earth’s resources nearly 1.5 times as fast as nature can replace them. Globally, every year, our “expenses” exceed our “income” by 140%. The main parties also believe that in order restore our economy we must cut spending to our schools, hospitals, welfare and other public services, instead of seeking funds from the top 10% and tax evaders. We’re overspending on our natural resources and underspending on our public services, leaving a damaged planet and a badly treated workforce.

No single party is ever going to be fully aligned with our individual ideas, but they can be aligned with our fundamental principles, so I’m voting Green for the following reasons:

1)     The Greens believe that Climate Change poses an imminent threat to the global community and mostly affects developing countries. It’s linked to warfare, rising sea levels, poverty and famine. According to U.S. Think Tank, Capital Institute, “To avoid social, environmental and economic collapse, the world needs to move beyond the standard choices of capitalism or socialism…. We need to consider the entire chain of cause and effect of our economic systems and take a more holistic approach.” Capital Institute was created by former JP Morgan Managing Director John Fullerton, in case you thought it was run by hemp wearing vegans. The move to a Greener economy would create new jobs and a fairer distribution of wealth by prioritising improved public services and an end to the fossil fuel industry.

2)     Contrary to popular belief, the Greens are not anti-corporation. They believe that large corporations play a valuable role in a growing economy. They show particular support for B corps – companies with strong social and environmental commitments. This includes companies such as Apple – who already run 100% of their U.S. offices on renewable fuel. Other companies with a good environmental track record include large companies such as Marks and Spencer, Unilever and Nike. However, the Greens also believe that these companies should pay their fair share of tax – heaven forbid. The Greens would also raise the wages of the lowest paid workers. Many conservative thinkers dislike this idea and believe that if you work harder then you should be able to get out of poverty. Well if that’s the case, then sweat shop workers should be multi-billionaires and The Royal Family should be on £6.70 an hour.

3)     Finally, the Greens are in support of electoral reform. First Past the Post is an outdated system which can allow the party with the least amount of votes to obtain the majority of seats. It’s a complicated issue, but in a nutshell, the Greens want every vote to count and for people to no longer feel that they have to vote tactically to keep the Tories out. By supporting the Greens in this election you’re creating a real picture of the demands of the electorate and galvanising support for electoral reform.

Many people are cautious of the Greens. They believe that Climate Change doesn’t exist, isn’t a priority and that they are a bunch of inexperienced hippies. Sound familiar? Let’s cast our minds back to the late 19th century when a small, radical party was beginning to emerge, later to be known as the Labour Party. They could never dream of competing with the ruling parties – The Tories and The Lib Dems. They were crazy socialists who supported the rights of those disgusting poor people, women and all those other lazy people wanting free healthcare and something called The National Health Service. Now it’s 2015 and the industrial revolution has sped up our use of raw materials at an unimaginable rate. This is coupled with our inability to address the real cause and effect of our economic crisis which has led us to believe that we should cut spending to our must vulnerable.

There was a time that people thought the NHS was a crazy and unachievable ideal but it is now seen as a pinnacle of British society. This was due to a small group of people holding onto their beliefs, voting for what they believed and not voting tactically. Now it’s time to show your support for the Green Party and our British values – doing what’s right – protecting our most vulnerable citizens and our vulnerable planet.

Vote Green for the future of mankind. Vote for what you believe in. The only wasted vote is a tactical vote for a party you feel indifferent to.”


Imani, 26, Camberwell