large (18)Dear his future sweetheart,

I am writing you this as a quick insight into the world in which is his. A small little window into how I feel he saw the world.

If you love him the right way, I can promise you now that you will receive the warmest and most satisfying love in return.

Firstly, please remember that as much as you like to get complimented and feel flattered, so does he, but he will never admit it. Tell him how handsome he looks and tell him why. I used to stare at him for ages thinking it but rarely verbalised it. By building him up you will be rewarded with the same compassion and flattery.

When making him a hot chocolate, please remember to use ¾ worth of milk that has been warmed up in the microwave. Then, top up with water. This allows it to be the perfect drinking temperature. Make sure it is really chocolatey and make sure it’s in a mug which is ‘right’ for a hot chocolate (this will make sense after spending enough time with him).

Food. Food is really important in your relationship. It was in ours and many a ‘hangry’ argument took place when our stomachs were empty… keep him topped up on all the little things he loves.

Perfect examples of these include:

• Nandos Olives
• Pistachio nuts
• Chocolate (on the right occasion)
• Salt and sweet popcorn (the Tesco value one is perfect)
• Chilli Doritos (appropriate dip)
• Smoked ham
• Pork scratchings

He loves to try new things so surprise him with new little bits, he’d love that.

Cleanliness. Please, please, please wash your hands after touching anything that causes them to be sticky or greasy (this is important after the sweet and salted popcorn). By washing your hands before touching him you are truly showing to him that you are thinking of his needs. I know he appreciates it.

Cindy (or Cindy Lou as I now know her) is a very important little lady to him. Note that Cindy is his cat. She is the sassiest little cat I have ever met and – very rightly so – she will not give you her affection until you have earned it. When she does, she is a lovely little thing that loves to get right in-between you both in bed and make her presence known.

If you don’t like sleeping in the cold then brace yourself; he sleeps with his window open religiously, no matter the weather. A combination of the cold breeze on his skin, the cold sheets underneath him and the warmth of his body is addictive and refreshing. Don’t be frightened on these cold nights when you are cuddled up in bed and suddenly the blinds creak forward revealing a dark figure. This is Cindy Lou again and she will make her way to her spot on his chair or at the bottom of the bed. Try not to fuss her, she just likes things to work the way they should, so let her get on with it. When the time is right in the morning, Cindy will very politely wake you both up by pushing every single item off the desk. Use this as a warning not to leave any of your jewellery, hair bands and expensive items that could break or get lost around, as they will not survive her active alarm clock. He loves this cat a lot so be cautious not to use her as the butt of any jokes!! I made this mistake once and my did I learn my lesson.

Bed time was always a special time for me because it’s the main time that he reverts right back to the little boy that all men have inside of them. Nearly every night I would draw pictures on his back just like his mum had done for him when he was little. Please don’t be offended when you desperately keep yourself awake just to do this and then he is asleep before you have even finished shaping your second butterfly wing… he is hopeless at staying awake, but trust me, he will be falling asleep happy with your soft touch being the last thought he has that day.

Let him be by himself. By this, I mean let him do the things he loves. For example, swimming, seeing his friends, reading… these allow him to grow more and more into the man you will have fallen in love with. Take him outside, even when he wants to stay in and watch movies and eat snacks, grab him and go exploring. He loves it and will thank you for it later.

One day, when you have both settled into your grown up lives and are ready, surprise him with a perfect tri-coloured Border Collie puppy. This is a dream of his. Please fulfil it.

Love him like there is no tomorrow and learn about him every day.

Please learn from my mistakes.

Written by Megan Squires