When I turned 25, something happened to me. I suddenly found myself less able to eat bread all the time, I could no longer indulge in a bag of Kettle Chips and a Snickers bar in one sitting and exercise became a necessity rather than a choice.

This is how I found yoga. But I’ll save that for another post.

Not only did I begin to move my body more, but I began to think a little more carefully about what I was eating on a daily basis. I now gorge on all the vegetables I like, snack on fruit and rarely eat out. I thought my new lifestyle choices would mean that I would miss out on a ton of fun stuff because my mates love to eat, but it’s more about choosing wisely from a menu as opposed to skipping meals out altogether.

My friend Imani has always been into healthy eating and Jess is a nutritionist. This is how I know what I should and shouldn’t eat and they are the reason I end up in eating holes such as Daylesford Organic as opposed to GBK.


Daylesford Organic only serves up produce from their farms. They chaperone your lunch or supper “from farm to fork” and when they do use produce from other suppliers, they ensure that they buy from those who are equally as committed to quality and sustainability as they are.

They’ve won plenty of awards for their work and the restaurant we visited in Pimlico is just perfect. With the white walls and wooden decor, it even looks like you’re eating, if that makes sense? They have a range of food to go and lots of goodies downstairs which make for great presents or quick snacks.




I was impressed by the coffee. It was hot and not too strong- just how I like it. I did find the menu a little overwhelming however, so ended up going for one of the four specials displayed on the chalk board: a vegetable quiche. I got to pick two salads to accompany it (which Jess chose for me) and the whole plate was really tasty. The portion sizes were just enough.




After we ate our food, we went for a stroll around Battersea Park to walk off our salads. A nice venue for lunch or a quick coffee, I would definitely recommend Daylesford.

One question though: why do we have to pay such a high price for organic munchies? I think if it were a little cheaper, more people would jump on board. Just a thought.


But what did my pals think?

“Fantastic salads, nice staff, great cookies. I’ll be back to try the venison.” – Jess Mark

“Big fan of Daylesford and Lady Bamford. The food was good. Lots of choice and nice to know that it was all organic, locally sourced or from the Daylesford Farm. Nice, clean, white interior. Only downside is the setting: felt a bit like eating in an upmarket IKEA. Would have been nice to have a separate dining area.” – Imani Backes

“No Venison. Salads were boom.” – Helen (woman of few words) Keppe

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