Sunday 25th January


I spent Friday night with friends; the perfect end to the working week.

The restaurant booking was thankfully left to someone with a better knowledge of Farringdon than I. As someone who has grown up in London, this was a great chance to see something new; exploring this city is always a lot more fun than sticking to my own corner in West London.

We started our evening at Iberica, a Spanish tapas restaurant, which we were told was to be better than Polpo (a Venetian tapas place), and it certainly lived up to our expectations. We ordered about two dishes each – the croquettes, aubergine and pork lollipop sticks being my favourite – and we left feeling satisfied. Three of us washed the food down with a bottle of Pinot, whilst R (who doesn’t like fermented grapes) settled for beer – not sure which type – which seemed to satisfy his thirst.


After chewing and chatting for a couple of hours, we decided that we weren’t ready to head home and two of us were too stuffed for pudding after eating half of the menu, so we grabbed a drink at the Zetter Townhouse, another place that was completely new to us both and one that turns out to be primarily a boutique hotel- definitely going to have to try out one of the rooms there at some point.


I had my first ever White Russian and Gin Bramble, after starting the night with one of my favourites- a classic Martini. The service was amazing, with the bartenders finding the perfect balance of being knowledgable without being facetious- something that’s quite hard to come by in joints such as these. I love sitting at the bar, so I was delighted that the place was so packed that we had no other choice but to do just that.

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Our friends departed at around 11 and R and I decided to stay on for a couple more (naturally) and pretend that we were no longer in Farringdon, but knocking them back in the Dead Rabbit of New York instead; one of the best cocktail bars I’ve ever been to.


It really was the perfect evening. I’ll definitely be heading back very soon.

“I love Spanish restaurants for the shared plates.
Iberica Farringdon doesn’t disappoint, and the low lighting and great architecture compliment the food. The perfect destination for a Friday night catch-up with friends, a business meeting with potential clients or a romantic one with your significant other.” – Ryan

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