Sunday 18th January

On Saturday night, I ate pizza, drank beer and downloaded Her to watch- the perfect way to spend a cold January night, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The film is set in the future and is centred around a man called Theodore, a recent divorcee (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who installs an operating system – think Siri but on steroids – to organise his life, and thoughts, on a daily basis. Theodore falls in love with his OS which is basically a computer generated voice in his head (played by Scarlett Johansson). Forget Tinder, this is a love story of the future.


I won’t tell you what happens, although what I will say is that despite it being pretty predictable from the start, it’s certainly worth a watch. The film captivates something really quite incomprehensible and what starts out as a ludicrous plotline, somehow turns into something quite believable and at times beautiful; perhaps placing an emphasis on the truth that we’re not too far away from this as our reality?

It’s not one to watch with the rents as the main focus of the relationship is sex; although you’re probably wondering how one has intercourse with a computer – trust me, it happens – so be careful who you watch it with. It’s funny, sad, simple and complex and isn’t to everyone’s taste.

The costume is almost reminiscent of the modern day hipster but with a higher waistline and a little more tweed (who’d have thought we’d regress to that trend in the future?!) R mostly commented on the lighting and the high-rise apartments used in pretty much every scene and he thought that their use of pathetic fallacy was so consistent throughout it was almost like a child trying to score points in a writing exam. He also felt that Jonze conveyed a captivating vision of the future; void of robots and automation, it remained humane, in some sort of way, sucking you into a feasible world, years into our future.

The main conflict of opinion that R and I had was whether or not it would ever be socially acceptable to fall in love with a computer. He thinks it would never be tolerated but I, perhaps a little worryingly, beg to differ. As time goes on and people get busier and busier, that little voice in your head just might be the thing we need to stop us from going completely mad. Or even prevent loneliness, somehow.

My only issue? You don’t actually get to see Johansson in all her buxom beauty- although I think that might be one thing me and the boy actually agreed on come to think of it.


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