Emily Finkill

“Reasons why I love Mummy Finks…

 1. I cause her so much pain through purely living – driving, going out, being alive in a big scary world, being hurt or upset, making my own (terrible) decisions- yet she will drop anything to hear about my day and listen to what babble I have to say at anytime.

2. She knows she drives me INSANE with the way she drinks coffee. And to be honest I’ve been so rude in the past, yet she will still love me for making snorting pig noises at her for being appalled should she call me and ‘accidentally’ SLURP down the phone.

3. I steal her clothes and accidentally never give them back- yet whenEVER I need a dress or a piece of clothing, she is always there with HER wardrobe open.

4. I have a weird sense of humour yet when we get to it – with a glass of fizz or even a glass of water – we can have a strong bout of non-stop sniggers.

5. I have managed to hurt her by being a moody, childish (and selfish at times) individual, yet she would never turn her back on me and never defy me THAT HUG which transforms me from that horrid monster back into her little girl.

Happy Mother’s Day.”

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  1. Katharine Finkill March 15, 2015 / 11:23 am

    Aww Em that’s made me cry
    Love you sooo much
    Mum xxx

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