Marlee Wilson

“Like many people, I spent my teenage years arguing with my mum. I would constantly argue back and thought I was ‘adult’ enough to say my piece, ‘how dare she tell me what to do, I am NOT a child!’ Was definitely one of my favourites! 

To this day, I wish that I could go back and give myself a slap for being such an ungrateful little brat! 
It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I truly understood what my mother has been through (and I don’t just mean the excruciating pain that is childbirth!!) 
The hundreds of thousands of pounds my mother has sacrificed, working all day and night to provide for us and give us the best. Going without every month so we would get our treats and our special days out. Going without her hair cut, new shoes, new clothes, manicure, or a much deserved night out, to buy us that STUPIDLY expensive and overpriced doll that we guilted her into buying because ‘all our friends have one’.

I regret every single day that I ever took my mother for granted, answered her back, or complained when I didn’t get what I wanted.

I will never be able to thank my mum enough for giving up her life for us, but I hope that she knows what an amazing, generous, strong and selfless woman she really is, and how much I love her.” 

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  1. Jo March 15, 2015 / 12:49 pm

    Thanks honey you too are an amazing mummy. Strong,funny,selfless,and kind. I Am so very proud of all my children for making my life so worthwhile.Marlee you are so young but what you have done as a mummy is amazing never let ANYONE tell you otherwise.♥️♥️

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