sinead mcnamara

“Mammy!! What a pleasure it has been to have seen you this year on your journey.
Ironically,by shrinking down you have grown so much as a person. It’s a side of you I’ve never known until now. An air of confidence that I’ve never seen in you and I hope never goes away. 
We are so proud of you now and always have been.
So here’s to the old you who has always put us first, screamed and shouted at us to ‘keep the fecking house clean’ (while cleaning it yourself) and who made sure we were all times table masters ..
But more importantly here’s to the new you, who is still all of the above but now clogs my whatsapp with selfies,steals my clothes and make up; but mostly is proud to have a pancake ass. Those women are truly rare nowadays.
I love you and  I hope I love my children, how I was loved by you.”

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