Wednesday 11th February

If someone asks me to go to the theatre, no matter what it is, I go.

If someone asks me to go to the theatre to see something I’ve already been to see, no matter what it is, I never go.

This show is different. And not just because my friend is in it.


I have a feeling that Florence Keith-Roach – playwright, director and actor – might just be my kindred spirit because Love to Love to Love You encompasses everything that I want and need in a play: great music, great writing, not-always-so-great sex and a great message.


Turning the 19th century play La Ronde on its head and subverting age old gender norms where we see men as the predator and woman as the submissive, this is a tale about sex, set within 24hrs, told through the eyes of a modern day female.

Set to a wicked backdrop of disco beats and some seriously great costumes, designed by Lily and Edie Ashley, it’s a performance that toys with all the senses.


If you don’t believe me – even though you should – the cast have already been up to Edinburgh to perform at The Fringe, where they received critical acclaim and a review of four stars from Ed Fest Mag.

I saw it at Library, a private members club on St Martin’s Lane in the summer, but this time the party – because it really is more like a party – is being held underground at Cavern, as part of the Waterloo Vault Festival.

Hilariously honest and brilliantly in your face, I suggest you buy a ticket.


 “Prepare to be dazzled” – London Planner

“Delighted by all who came to see it. Don’t miss out !” – Wall Street International

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ – Ed Fest Mag

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