Wintery Sundays were made for roast dinners, red wine and friends.

So on this particularly cold and rainy one, I chose to do just that.

Katherine¬†– who resides in the North of London – suggested a restaurant called Le Mercury Deuxieme on Upper Street (Islington, for non-Londoners). And us being the lazy buggers that we are, we didn’t shop around and instead just went for the first suggestion put to the group. And I’m glad we did.

After much confusion over whether our booking was at Le Mercury, or Le Mercury Deuxieme, we found each other and (naturally) ordered some wine.

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A long while later and after a couple of polite interludes from the waiter who was probably wondering why we hadn’t ordered after 45 minutes of nattering, we ordered our food.

At this point, it has to be said that the service was great. A lovely chap poured our wine and chatted just the right amount for us to enjoy his company without being annoying- there is nothing worse than an over zealous waiter.

For starters, I chose Calamari; another recent addition to the long list of things that I love to eat. It was crispy and firm and I enjoyed it immensely.

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Next came the mains. I was torn between the recommended duck and my beloved pork belly. Pork belly won (as it does every time) and I’m glad I made the decision to opt for land over water. One thing I would say is that one of the potatoes on my plate was almost raw. But aside from that, the pork was perfect and the gravy was the perfect taste and texture.



After filling ourselves up on wine and meat, there was no way that dessert was happening- a rarity for us girls, I assure you. So after enjoying yet another bottle of wine, more than a few tales of debauchery and a run down of our lives over the past six months since we last sat down together, we trotted off home.


With our bellies were full and our cheeks full of smiles, the only question on our lips was: “when can we come again?”


Lesson of the day? Always make time for friends… and food. Have a great week!

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