I love David Nicholls.

In fact I love him so much that I emailed him a few years back to thank him for writing such wonderful stories. Bit cringe, until he replied.

I was am such a fan girl about our conversationĀ and dig out these emails anytime someone mentions One Day, Us, or just books to me in general; mainly because I see it as a literary claim to fame, but also because I think he’s such a great sport for replying. As a recent graduate at the time, I told him about my dreams of working in publishing and he gave me a little encouragement- a much needed boost on a Thursday afternoon spent tirelessly perusing job sites.

Not only is Mr Nicholls a decent bloke, but he is an amazing writer.

Us is the perfect example of why he is my favourite. The storyline isn’t something too far fromĀ the ordinary – a failing marriage and a stroppy teenager mixed with a trip to Europe and a mystery woman – but it is so ordinary that it is brilliant.

I have to confess that it took me a little longer to finish it than the rest of his stuff – three months longer to be precise – but there was something about the characters and plot line that resonated with me and kept me coming back for more.

Starter for Ten was brilliant, One Day was genius, The Understudy was (in Nicholls’ words) “the middle child” and Us is like a chip sandwich- simple but delicious.

Not for everyone, but about pretty much everyone.


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