“Happy Mother’s day to the strongest, most beautiful and inspirational lady I know. My best friend, my confidant and my role model. If I become half the woman you are, I’ll consider myself a lucky lady. 
I love you xxxx”


ellie millard

“Happy Mothers Day to my gorgeous mummy. Thank you for being the greatest, funniest and strongest woman I know. xxx”


Charlotte Glaser

“The most beautiful, selfless, kind and inspiring woman I know.”


sinead mcnamara

“Mammy!! What a pleasure it has been to have seen you this year on your journey.
Ironically,by shrinking down you have grown so much as a person. It’s a side of you I’ve never known until now. An air of confidence that I’ve never seen in you and I hope never goes away. 
We are so proud of you now and always have been.
So here’s to the old you who has always put us first, screamed and shouted at us to ‘keep the fecking house clean’ (while cleaning it yourself) and who made sure we were all times table masters ..
But more importantly here’s to the new you, who is still all of the above but now clogs my whatsapp with selfies,steals my clothes and make up; but mostly is proud to have a pancake ass. Those women are truly rare nowadays.
I love you and  I hope I love my children, how I was loved by you.”


Elaine Parker

“For your endless love and support!! You’re awesome! Happy Mother’s Day!!”



 “Thanks for all the lols, love and support mum! So proud that you’re mine. Without you, there would be no me.”


Marlee Wilson

“Like many people, I spent my teenage years arguing with my mum. I would constantly argue back and thought I was ‘adult’ enough to say my piece, ‘how dare she tell me what to do, I am NOT a child!’ Was definitely one of my favourites! 

To this day, I wish that I could go back and give myself a slap for being such an ungrateful little brat! 
It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I truly understood what my mother has been through (and I don’t just mean the excruciating pain that is childbirth!!) 
The hundreds of thousands of pounds my mother has sacrificed, working all day and night to provide for us and give us the best. Going without every month so we would get our treats and our special days out. Going without her hair cut, new shoes, new clothes, manicure, or a much deserved night out, to buy us that STUPIDLY expensive and overpriced doll that we guilted her into buying because ‘all our friends have one’.

I regret every single day that I ever took my mother for granted, answered her back, or complained when I didn’t get what I wanted.

I will never be able to thank my mum enough for giving up her life for us, but I hope that she knows what an amazing, generous, strong and selfless woman she really is, and how much I love her.” 


Emily Finkill

“Reasons why I love Mummy Finks…

 1. I cause her so much pain through purely living – driving, going out, being alive in a big scary world, being hurt or upset, making my own (terrible) decisions- yet she will drop anything to hear about my day and listen to what babble I have to say at anytime.

2. She knows she drives me INSANE with the way she drinks coffee. And to be honest I’ve been so rude in the past, yet she will still love me for making snorting pig noises at her for being appalled should she call me and ‘accidentally’ SLURP down the phone.

3. I steal her clothes and accidentally never give them back- yet whenEVER I need a dress or a piece of clothing, she is always there with HER wardrobe open.

4. I have a weird sense of humour yet when we get to it – with a glass of fizz or even a glass of water – we can have a strong bout of non-stop sniggers.

5. I have managed to hurt her by being a moody, childish (and selfish at times) individual, yet she would never turn her back on me and never defy me THAT HUG which transforms me from that horrid monster back into her little girl.

Happy Mother’s Day.”


Olivia O'Brien

 Growing madder with age, making this road with you all the more interesting, you are still always one step behind me, in case I fall.

Love you always, Happy Mother’s Day”


Catherine Dunne

“You keep me sane with your sense of humour, your kindness and your strength. Thank you.”


laura watkins

 “My mum is amazing because she’s always there for me, supports me in everything I do, puts everyone else first, works hard, never says no to anyone or anything… And all of it while quietly and patiently waiting for a kidney transplant. She is incredibly stoic about her condition and makes a great effort to never let it affect her life, or ours as much as physically possible. 

The photo attached was from our first holiday – just the two of us – in Iceland a year ago last March, in the Blue Lagoon with our face masks on. Here’s to many more adventures after her surgery this summer!”


corin jackson

“I can categorically say that without my mum, I would be nothing like the person I am. Not in the slightest. Everything good in me is because of her, which makes her kind of magical. If she has the power to do that, she can do anything. Only when she feels that powerful will I have come close to giving her everything she gives to me.”


Kate Lindley

“Please excuse my mullet. She may have have done this to me, but I love her all the more for it.
I love my mummy Philippa because she is amazing to me in every way. She is kind, fun, resilient, determined, independent and has a strong moral compass that points all the way home (The North).
She holds everything together – has picked us up every time we fall down and can give a dose of tough love when needed. She is my only role model and I love her completely. “What would mum do?’ is a phrase I turn to daily.
Every Christmas, birthday and Mother’s Day I search my think box for any way possible to give her something that will show her how much she means to me. I still have no answer for this except to remember that probably the best gift I can give is to promise that I will move back up north and give her grandkids one day and we can spend the rest of lives happily together (not for a few years though – I can already hear jack gulping!)
The best I can give will have to wait.”


brid dineen

 “My mum is Superwoman. She is a super woman.”


Imani Backes

“We all have a mother figure, whether your mother is no longer here, your aunty is your mother or your father is your mother- we all know the love of a mother.

My mother is a formidable African woman. A no tears, no fuss kind of woman. She loves Marks and Spencer’s like a true Anglophile and can either be found cleaning, in her garden, eating cake or watching Escape to the Country.

I love my mother very much and hope to one day adopt her strength, wisdom and stoicism.”


Layla Montgomery: Shenna

 “I love my mummy the mostest and here’s why:

I love my mummy because she’s not only my mummy but she’s my teacher, my best friend, my carer, my protector and she’s also my daddy too. 

I love my mummy the mostest because she works very, very hard for me and I’m so proud of her.

I love my mummy because she’s the most beautifulest lady, inside and out. 

I love my mummy because when I get home from nursery I get a big kiss and cuddle.

I love my mummy the mostest because she is the BEST! 

Mummy, I LOVE YOU. 

(Levi said he could go on forever, but he’s made his point clear about how much he loves his mummy!)”

Submitted by Shenna who is quite clearly an amazing friend.



“The strongest, most kind-hearted, funny, intelligent, beautiful woman I know – she’s my idol.”


Philly Sweetnam

“Since I can remember (and still to this day) she leaves little ‘welcome home’ notes for me and my sister in our rooms when we go home for the weekend/come back from holiday.

She makes the best Spag Bol a girl could dream for.

She gives the best hugs and the best advice.

Her 20-per-text use of emoticons make my day.

Her ability to make up little rhymes or songs about anything to cheer me up!

I would quite happily invite her to any meal or night out with my friends; she’s always up for a dance and a glass of vino!

Happy Mother’s Day.”


 “You’re super glamorous, a fabulous friend and even though your grip might not be as tight as this any more, I still know you’re always there.

Love you Mum!”