The Boobs

My obsession with boobs began at a young age when I shoved a couple of mum’s granny smiths up my blouse and decided that life would be better with boobs. 

But despite my ever-increasing adoration of women’s wobbly bits, it wasn’t until I grew older that I learnt that as beautiful as they are, breasts can also turn out to be life threatening. But although the figures are scary (which is why I shan’t be quoting them here), it’s reassuring to know that with an early diagnosis and the correct treatment, most breast cancer patients are cured and are able to put the disease firmly behind them.

So don’t panic. Just lend a hand. Today marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you know what that means… It’s time to ditch your Starbucks fix for one morning only and instead, pay a small amount for a little pink ribbon to show men and women all over the country who have suffered with breast cancer that you care.

So as well as looking after our boobs or moobs, let’s celebrate them too!

Happy Boob Month everyone!