The Cheater

It saddens me to admit that many of my beautiful girlfriends (and boyfriends) have been cheated on over the years. But it saddens me even moreso that the same thing happens time and time again. Someone finds out, tells the victim, we all get very angry and upset, humiliate the cheat, tell them how much we didn’t like their partner in the first place and then they’re normally back together a week later. The stress of looking someone in the eye after you’ve stripped them naked on Brighton Pier for sleeping with your best mate’s sister is second to none I tell you.

But with age, I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s best not to get involved. After all, do we even flinch when our bestie confides in us that they’ve cheated on their partner? I’ve even watched it happen and never uttered so much as a peep to their other half. If I’m honest, I didn’t even bat an eyelid. And that’s not because I think cheating is acceptable, I just see it as a warning sign that their relationship is (for want of a better phrase); ‘a little rocky’. Because that, for me, is exactly what cheating is. It’s a cry for help. A normally uncharacteristic act that oozes the sense that someone isn’t truly happy. A precursor to an already doomed relationship, if you will.

It must seem as though I sympathise with the cheaters of the world. In actual fact, I find cheating awful. But rarely do I think it is something executed to hurt your other half, which is why I think its best not to dwell on it if it was a onetime affair. Instead of beating yourself up about it and convincing yourself of being worthless and as unattractive as a splinter; take it on the chin and see it as a sort of indicator that the relationship is going down the road to nowhere. You’ve been given a chance to leave before things get really bad and being angry is not the answer. It’s merely a malfunction in your potentially endless dating life, so learn from it, don’t live with it, remind yourself why you’re so much better than the one that hurt you. And walk away.

And although cheating is inherently wrong, I haven’t quite worked out whether or not I agree that ‘Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater’. But just in case, be on your guard.

Don’t get me wrong, go out and find your wild cat, but never, ever entertain a cheater.