The Modern Man

The first picture you might paint of the modern man is some skinny-jean wearing, guy-liner-loving, heel tapper of a specimen, when in fact, this new breed of man is all around us, disguised as your average Joe.

Visually, they look like normal blokes. They maintain their rugged good looks, don’t know the meaning of the word moisturiser and grimace at the thought of wearing makeup. But inside, something has changed. All around me I’m seeing men carrying women’s jackets for them, on the tube, suits have started giving up their seats for women and doors have been held open for me on a daily basis. But the very fact that I have noticed these changes signifies to me that there has been a recent shift in dynamic, and men have not always been this chivalrous. As of late, they are in fact so charming that I feel as if I’m starring as an extra in Casablanca or something and I’m certainly not complaining about it.

Personally, I’m in love with this modern man. These guys will do the washing up, have a crack at the cooking and run you a bath after a long day spent in the highest of heels. These men understand women more than ever and I think the emancipation of this wonderful man-type stems from the fact that they, like women, are growing to understand themselves a little better. I’m not saying that men should be the domesticated hounds that women were back in the 1950s. We ask for equivalency rather than regression. But I enjoy the fact that men have become totally unafraid of picking up our magazines, flicking through the celebrity gossip and learning about the Top 20 ways to make a woman orgasm (thank you Cosmo). But are these men really what we want? Is there such a thing as a man being too in tune with a woman? I think men and women are attracted to each other for our differences and the capacity to learn from our differing habits, thoughts and views. So for better or for worse, dating the modern man is a little like dating your best mate.  And at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I wonder whether it has perhaps become somewhat predictable?

Nevertheless, this new acceptance of gender (or perhaps loss of it) has resulted in relationships becoming less about power and more about the person. For instance, I love a man who knows that by donning a pair of marigolds, he is simply being kind, not kept. And I love a woman who watches rugby on a Sunday afternoon to say thanks.

So here’s to the modern man! He looks, smells and listens better than ever: but don’t treat him too kindly. Do we want a man who suggests that we first take a look when there’s a spooky noise downstairs? Absolutely not. There are some gender rules that should never be messed with.