The Rules of Attraction

As soon as you share a glance across a room, you’re in the game. As soon as you’re introduced to each other at a friends bbq, you’re in the game. As soon as you fall for someone, you are most certainly in the game. And by game, I don’t mean The Gold Rush (which, by the way, no longer seems quite so bad). Instead, I am quite simply talking about The Dating Game.

Now, because there is no instruction manual, we all have to scuffle our way through those awkward teenage years in order to try to work out how to play. You have to side step braces, fumble with bra straps and attempt to act cool. All at the same time. I thought things could only get better, but now that I’m in my twenties and things are a little more serious, I’ve noticed that everyone adheres to different rules, making it all very complicated indeed. However I have noticed that when talking tactics, everyone follows the same method. We must always play hard to get.

I must say though, I have never really fully understood this approach. Yes it’s fun but it’s also a waste of time to be perfectly honest. If you fancy them, you know you’re going to let them have their cake and eat it anyway and if you don’t, you know they’ll be going home with a doggy bag, so why delay? Life is far too short in my opinion. I am not saying, under any circumstances, that one should sleep around, but I do recommend a little shop around. Let him (or her) take you out for that drink, have that conversation over dinner and I can guarantee that by the end of it, you will know whether it is a yay, or a nay. But do me a favour; once you have decided how you’re feeling, for god’s sake just say it!!! You are both clogging up opportunities for other singletons who might think that your date is The-arguably-Non-Existent-One and you’re wasting your own time acting coy and mysterious. So quit the quite exciting but completely pointless funny business and be honest with yourself. There are other players in this game don’t you know, and you wouldn’t want us pipping you to the finishing post now would you?

Don’t be afraid to be knocked back by telling someone you like them. Just keep it in the back of your mind that it is always their loss.

Happy dating!