The Cup of Tea

“Gizza cup a tea lav!” Phill Mitchell, Eastenders.

“I should like a cup of tea please.” The Queen, United Kingdom.

“Ahhh, i’m dying for a cup of tea” Anyone British. Any time of day.

“Anyone want a cup of tea?” Idiot. “Yes Pleeeaaassseeee!!!” Housemates everywhere.

As I was browsing the web the other day, I discovered that 165, 000, 000 cups of tea are drunk in the UK everday!!! Never mind Booze Britain, we’re all friggin’ tea total apparently. I completely sympathise with this much tea consumption but I fail to comprehend exactly why it is that no matter how blue you’re feeling, that cup of milk, boiling water and a very questionable looking sack of leaves with a very unfortunate name can lift your spirits? However, I am not complaining. Tea has helped me through some good and bad times, whatever the secret ingredient. It even surpasses gin.

So if you’ve had a day as bad as mine, go and grab a cup of rosie and curl up on the sofa with a good book. And a chocolate hob knob, of course.