The Skin

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Forget stockings, suspenders, Calvin Klein’s and bodices; there’s nothing more appealing than nudity.

The human body, after all, is a wonderful thing.

Picture the athletes at this year’s Olympic Games, with their washboard stomachs, bulging biceps and lengthy limbs. The bodies of these Adonis’ are impressive, but you’re not exempt from being considered beautiful too. What about a baby’s toes, your girlfriend’s morning breath, granddad’s wrinkles, a mother’s stretch marks and your boy’s five o’clock shadow?

Nothing beats skin and the stories that it tells, so why cover it up?

In this day and age, much like pictures, clobber is used to tell a thousand words. Everyone is so preoccupied with fashion and material possession that they forget how great it is to let it all hang out.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all clearly very aware of how powerful a vision the naked body is. We’ve based an entire religion and blamed the beginning of the human race on a pair of exposed lovers who bossed the whole naked thing and then ballsed it up (excuse the pun). We take our clothes off to have sex, penis’ are exposed on city streets, men have forever paid to see women strip, we take photos of naked tribeswomen from abroad, an exhibition based on genitals was considered offensive, the same exhibition was acclaimed as a piece of art, there’s an entire website based on naked cooking, we use our bodies as a shock tactic in protest and there is an entire world where clothes are seen as a nuisance.

Imagine if we all took on the attitude of the nudist. Accessorizing would take on a whole new meaning wouldn’t it? Piercings would reach new places and ink would be vital. Not to mention the possibility for  the perfect tan and the importance of pubic hair. I think it sounds ideal. And cheap.

So let’s face it, whether it makes us laugh, cringe or feel tingly inside, we truly are obsessed with the naked body. I’m just happy to have realised that some of the best things in life actually are free.

In this case…

It’s nudity.

So go and get your kit off.