The Riot

People have been making Jeremy Kyle and Broken Britain jokes for many years now. Last week they became unfunny and very, very real. As I sat at home watching the events unfold on sky news, I kept telling myself that it would soon stop and attempted to convince myself that damage was minimal. Tuesday morning ushered in a different reality. Businesses had been destroyed, the elderly shaken up and homes were broken into then burnt to the ground. This is not and I don’t think ever was, a political protest. Nor do I agree with David Starkey that it has anything to do with race. It’s merely a bunch of mindless youths ‘having fun’ on my streets, destroying my home and upsetting thousands of Londoners because they don’t have a life.

So I urge you all (not that you’d ever read this) to go and get a life. There are lives out there for everyone, no matter how hard the struggle to find one. Put down your canisters and your pathetic stolen items. Just because you’re rocking the latest Nike high tops doesn’t make you a “bad man”. If you’d worked hard and paid for them, then you’d be a “bad man”. Right now, you’re just a twit in shoes that are probably too small for you. That’s just embarrassing.

As you can probably tell, I’m angry at what has happened in the capital and across the country over the last few days, but more than that I find it saddening. I’m saddened to think that the generation coming through after mine are being labelled as ‘rats’ and ‘feral’, although I must admit that I did wholeheartedly partake in this harrowing game of word association.

We mustn’t forget however that there are hundreds of young people out there today cleaning the streets and working with the emergency services to resuscitate the city. And so we should. This is our home and mindless vandals are trying to destroy it. What we all need to remember is that we totally and utterly outnumber them. The city is predominantly made up of decent, law abiding citizens who only have love for London.

So I urge you all, do not live in fear. Our gang is much bigger, and better than theirs…