The Chip Buttie

large (6)Is it possible that the west country is even more stuck in the dark ages than I’d first anticipated?

I’ve been at university now for almost three years and have been happily ignorant to the fact that people did not love something as close to my heart as the age oldĀ ‘chip buttie’.

I now feel even more like an outsider in this tiny town.

On Friday, I took a stroll to the local fish & chip shop and ordered a large (of course) portion of chips to take away. I brought it home and began to prepare only the best snack ever. I got out two slices of thick, white bread, slathered on some butter, wacked some chips on and covered them in tomato ketchup. Normal, right? My housemate looked at me as if I were an alien. “You’re eating chips in bread?!?!” I was so taken aback I dropped the beloved sandwich and questioned what was wrong with something I deemed to be a typically English snack. Apparently carbs, wrapped in carbs, is weird.

I mean yes, it is a guilty pleasure but in no way am I ever going to stop indulging in this wonderful tradition.

I am hoping that the people of London (at least) know what i’m talking about… Go and grab some chips, cheap white bread and slather on loads of butter… you won’t ever look back.

Except for to notice how huge your butt has got after eating twenty of these gloriously naughty suppers…